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Little by Little / Poco a Poquito

Sara Inés Calderón is journalist and writer who lives in Texas and California. She is a former newspaper reporter who made her foray into blogging in 2009. Since, she has co-founded the websites NewsTaco and MásWired and currently works for Latino Youtube network MiTú. Little by Little / Poco a Poquito is how Latinos are making the Internet work for them. She is fluent in English and Spanish. She is a very dedicated person to blogging and she is an example to follow for future generations. If you need more information regarding Sara Inés Calderón please visit

By: Juan Balderrama

Communication Day

Communication Day 4.0 took place this past Thursday, November 1st, 2012 at the UC Building. Communication Day 4.0 offered students the chance to network with top communication professionals and distinguished alumni who are eager to share their tricks to the trade to helps students increase their potential of landing a coveted communication position. All majors from the communication department had the opportunity to interact with professionals and learning new tricks to succeed. communication Day is hosted every november by the communication department. If you need more information about future Communication Days please call at 817-272-2163.

By: Juan Balderrama

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is a very demanding sport at UT Arlington. Students recommend rock climbing because is a sport where they exercise hands and legs at the same time. Students feel the difference in getting more strength in the legs. Also, students need to follow a few rules to not get hurt themselves or hurt somebody else. The rock climbing is located in the MAC and essential equipment, included seat harness, climbing rope, climbing shoes and chalk bags are provided. The Fall Schedule is: Monday through Friday from 3 p.m. through 9 p.m. Saturday Closed. Sunday from 6 p.m. through 9 p.m.

By: Juan Balderrama

Maveristy Workshop

Multicultural Affairs offer a variety of programs that celebrate the rich diversity found at UT Arlingon and one of the programs is Maversity Workshops which offers a safe space to dialogue about hot deversity topics. New toppics are offered each workshop so you can attend one or multiple sessions. Six worshops are held each semester.  The Maversity Workshops goals are: explore personal beliefs about diversity issues and develope leadership, conflict resoulution and critical thinking skills. If you need more information about futre Maversity Workshops visit htpp:// or call at 817-272-2099. Don not miss the opportunity to experience one of the Maversity Workshops this semester.

By: Juan Balderrama

International Fashion Show

The University of Texas at Arlington has over 3,000 International Students and International week is dedicated to them and to the community to learn more about the cultures that we have at U-T Arlington. One of the events is International Fashion Show where you get the chance to see traditional and modern clothing from all over the world and modeled by our very own U-T Arlington students. Almost 20 cultural organizations are participating in International Week. Every year has a theme  and this year’s them is “Peace, Love and Culture”. If you need more information regarding International Week call at 817-272-2355.

By: Juan Balderrama

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea affects an estimated 15 percent of adults nationwide. It’s a disease that affects mostly men in the mid to late part of life about 40 years of age but also younger people can be affected by that too. The new device Dr. Behbehani has been working on, uses ultra sound signals to detect the upper air way occlusion during sleep. The new device is very easy to handle that patients would be able to attach themselves for overnight monitoring from the convenience of their own bed. Sleep apnea is very difficult to detect and might cause heart attacks.

By: Juan Balderrama


This past Wednesday the Career Center presented a job fair at the Maverick Activity Center. It was open to UT Arlingon alumni and current students. Faculty and staff were invited to attend. I had the opportunity to follow one of our alumni student Sharese Singleton on her quest to find a new job. One of the most important things Sharese took in mind is to attend well prepared with at least 20 resumes to give to future employers.  Being well prepared, Sharese feels very confident in her potential to attract future employers attention.

By: Juan Balderrama

Maverity Workshop Star Power

This past thursday the U-T-A Multicultural Affairs hosted the Maversity Workshop called Star Power. The main purpose of this maversity workshop is to encourage students to be leaders in a multicultural community. Students feel free to share thoughts and the most important everybody’s opinion counts and everybody is ready to listen. It is an open conversation that every student gets involved in and interacts with one another. The goals of this workshop it to develop leadership, conflict resolution and critical thinking skills. For more information regarding any future workshops call at 817-272-2099 or visit

By: Juan Balderrama

Maverick Discount Program

The University of Texas at Arlington and the Student Congress created the Maverick Discount Program for students, faculty, staff and alumni association members. This program gives discounts in automotive, entertaiment, personal care, restaurants and retail. Students should take advantage of this program because it helps save money while in college. The Maverick Discount Program is very simple to use, students only need to show their Maverick ID to local business participants and they will at least receive  10% discount from participating businesses. For more information concerning the Maverick Discount Program call at 817-272-0556 or visit

By: Juan Balderrama