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Cookout at the University Center

On Friday April the 29th there was a cookout that happened for the university’s faculty and staff who have given back to the university.It was just a way to say thank you for all they did during the semester there was some free food and drinks to be given out also there were some games at the cookout and some raffles for some prizes. They were also taking donations from people who wanted to help out and the Texas Trust Credit Union was in attendance as well.UTA president Vistap Karbhari was in attendance on spoke to everyone who was there.These donations help fund future scholarships and helps create funds for UTA


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UTA Baseball

UTA baseball was on a losing streak when they had a mid week game against Dallas Baptist University It was supposed to be a home game but was moved to Dallas Baptist Horner Ballpark. In the beginning the Mavs started off strong but after a half inning the bats stayed quiet and Dallas Baptist bats came alive with fifteen hits and thirteen runs in the whole game. The pitching for the Mavs could not get anything going fell behind in the count and Dallas Baptist took advantage and their pitching shut down the Mavericks bats as the Mavs lost thirteen to two



Jeffrey Burtis

Awards Reception for Student Workers

Last Thursday there was an event that took placer in the Rio Grande Ballroom and it was the Student Employee of the year awards reception. It was where UTA would recognize all the students who also helped out as workers for UTA and say thank you.There were three major awards that were given out they were Graduate, Undergraduate and Distinguished employee of the year.Faculty nominated who they think deserve it and the a committee decides from there who should receive them. For those who did not get it received a certificate for all they do. It was just there way of saying thanks.


UTA Game Night

There is an event at UTA where you can relax  and meet new people and its completely free no price and that event is UTA game night. Game night has free popcorn and drinks, free board games even video games for example they have Rock Band and Halo 3 ODST but the attendance is low because not many people know about this event so the whole event is small but they have a lot of potential for them to expand.The people who organize this event will participate but they know they need to work on the advertising and they have ideas to let people know about this event.

Campus Securtity

How safe do you feel on campus? it’s a question I wanted to ask some students.  If they are safe on campus.with concealed carry happening in the near future and with the campus being so open how safe do you feel. some students just keep on going like it’s just any other day, some students live without fear while others are questioning everything that is going on in the campus. One student explain an event that happened to her to make her realize that she is not safe on campus and she questions how safe she truly feels. With concealed carry coming up do you feel safe on campus? Or are you a little bit scared with how open the campus truly is 

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep we all need it in our lives but some people suffer from lack of sleep deprivation and it effects their daily routine and social life.There are a lot of studies showing the negatives of lack of sleep and how it can hurt the body but with every negative there can be a positive outcome towards sleep deprivation but what is the positive towards no sleep. Well here are just some of them for one.  You get to reset your biological clock to zero and if you stay up the following day when night falls you reset you bio clock and get a longer more peaceful sleep the next night

Jeffrey Burtis


ESL and Employment

UTA is a very diverse campus and we have people from all sorts of backgrounds coming to this school and some have English as a second language. Does that give a person an advantage or can  it become a disadvantage when it comes to finding  a future job and what is there first language. Communication is necessary in society and language plays an important part in it but does it come into play when you are looking for a job.

More often employers are looking at a potential hire and see what he can bring to the job and if you are bilingual you have upper hand in getting the a job you want

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