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Gun Control

 The fight for gun control has been an ongoing controversial issue. While there have been recent incidents of school shootings in the U.S, UTA students voice their concerns about gun violence and some may feel indifferent about the movement. Some UTA students point out their reason for their opinion and wether or not they feel safe on campus. 153 school shootings have occurred in the U.S averaging to about one shooting a week since 2013 according to, an organization brought together to support gun safety and help reduce gun violence by communicating their research knowledge to the American public.

Jessica Ojeda

Importance of Translation

September 30th is National Translation Day, and the importance and necessity of speaking a second language in the U.S is drastically increasing. Dr. Alicia Rueda explains and gives us a little bit of background on the evolving transition of Spanish translation. We can see  publications from The U.S Department of Labor where there will be a high increase in demand for Spanish interpreters and translators by 48 percent. Now UTA offers a new B.A for both Spanish interpreting and translating and allows students to not only earn their degree in both areas but also get state certified as well.

Jessica Ojeda


College of liberal arts has been a part of UTA and offers a diverse amount of programs that many students are unaware of. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Elisabeth Cawthon lets us know about the flexibility COLA has that also includes a campus in downtown Fort Worth. When students are having a hard time declaring their major, looking into COLA can really help a student establish their decision since COLA’s possibilities are immense. Within its 50 years at UTA COLA has grown in many aspects giving students the opportunity to be a part of many of their new center studies.

Jessica Ojeda