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Preparing for Finals

Finals are around the corner and students are preparing for finals in unique and creative ways.

We decided to go on an adventure and asked students around campus to share with UTA News how they prepare for a stressful week.

Good luck to all Mavericks on finals week!

by J.R. Azucena

Staying in Arlington

For students, Arlington may not be the first option to stay after college but for some students, Arlington is the perfect city to start a career.

After graduation students decide to leave the city in search of better job opportunities. but for one UTA Broadcast students, staying local means a great start to endless opportunities, especially in the live event production industry.

Arlington offers career opportunities in health, engineering, technology and many other industries thanks to companies like General Motors, Health Resources,  L3 Technologies, Bell Helicopters, and many other. Arlington is also home to the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, Six Flags Over Texas, and Hurricane Harbor, providing hundreds of jobs for students.

by J.R Azucena


Abram Street Construction

The city of Arlington continues to bring life to the city’s downtown area. Construction has started on west Abram street. Crews are working on the one mile stretch from Cooper to Collins and to be completed within the next two years.  Students are also concern about traffic delays and how it will affect their daily commutes to campus.

The city encourages to visit their city’s website for more information about future closures and updates.

All students should consider taking alternate routes to make it to classes on time.

by J.R. Azucena

UTA Esports Club Looking Forward to New Venue

The city of Arlington continues to grow their entertainment district with the announcement of a new venue that will benefit UTA students, and that will attract thousands of people to the city.

UTA’s Esport Club is excited about the new Esport Stadium set to open later this year and a place where they hope to hold events in the future for a growing gaming community.

The Arlington Convention Center will become a venue that will house future Esports events for local gamers and from around the world. This new venue will be the first of its kind in North Texas.

by J.R. Azucena

Overcoming Adversities

Adversities may seem to knock us down but they should never define our character.

Zachary Shellar is a UTA student that found a passion for music at very young age. A talented euphonium player that has participated with the UTA’s marching band and the renowned  Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps. Zachary, however, was born with Poland Syndrome, a condition that affects the development of muscle on the chest, arm, and webbing of the fingers.

Despite his condition, Zachary believed in the talent he possesses and with the help of his beloved family he has been able to overcome adversity.

by J.R Azucena.


Relying on Apps

In a world where technology advances so rapidly, everything seems to be within our reach. Millions of apps available on our mobile phones have made our lives more productive and efficient.

Apps have become a necessity to be able to function and thanks to the creativity of many developers our lives have become connected with the digital world. There are millions of apps available for IOS and Android platforms.

The most popular apps are social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many others.

UTA also has its very own app available for download from your app store.

by J.R. Azucena

Budgeting and Saving

Unexpected expenses can often be a headache for college students living on a budget. The Student Money Management office held a series of pop-up shops with the purpose to educate students on how to be better at budgeting and saving money for those rainy days in college.

The office of Student Money Management is encouraging all students to start a saving for an emergency fund as soon as they can and to set a monthly budget that will help them monitor their finances in a way they can control unnecessary spending. Student Money Management also says that saving money requires discipline and dedication.

by J.R. Azucena

Shop Safety Workshops at the FabLab

In an era where DIY (Do it yourself) has become so popular, many students want to express their creative minds by taking on projects that require the use of power tools.

The Fab Lab is hosting a series of workshops during the semester, focusing on general shop safety, and the proper use of power tools.

The FabLab offers training sessions for more than 10 different power tools, and different levels of expertise. The training sessions are tool specific and free to students, faculty and staff members.

by J.R. Azucena.


Student Government Meet and Greet.

UTA’s student government held a meet and greet at the University Center where they gave the opportunity to students to get to know their respective college representatives. This type of events also allows students to share their opinions and concerns with their elected officials.

For some students, the student government might not be a priority. However, for others involvement is necessary. The president of the student government says that the only way a student’s voice can be heard is by getting involved, specially when the decisions being made can affect the entire student population.

by J.R. Azucena.