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Hyper Mobility Will Speed Up Your Travel Time

UTA held a lecture forum with representatives from AECOM where urban mobility and driver-less cars were the main subject of discussion. Technology is constantly changing and AECOM has their hand in creating different projects that will improve peoples lives and overall allow the flow of traffic and time to be convenient for all users. Steven Duong, associate VP of design and planning at AECOM said traveling from Dallas to Austin can be done in as little as 45 minutes with the use of autonomous vehicles that are traveling at high speeds ranging from 700 -750 mph.

World Aids Day at UTA

UTA hosted it’s annual “World Aids Day ” event on Friday, in the Palo Duro Lounge. World AIDS Day is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV/AIDS. To show support for people living with HIV/AIDS, and to commemorate these who have died from it. There is currently no cure for AIDS/ HIV. The only way to stay safe is to be aware of how HIV is transmitted, and how to prevent infection. Since 1981, more than 25 million have died from AIDS. An estimated two million people died in 2008 alone.

International Week Hosts a Dance Showcase

UTA hosted its annual International Week activities, which kicked off with student organizations showcasing some of the cultural dance moves incorporated in their ethnic groups. Many different types of dance were displayed, from K-Pop to Bollywood. International week not only had a dance showcase, but throughout the week held a Food Fair, study abroad information meeting, and allowed clubs the opportunity to recruit new members.

Intramural’s Heat Up with Table Tennis Competition

UTA has many different intramural sports and table tennis is a hot commodity for many students. A competition for bragging rights and a free t-shirt were on the line at the end of semester table tennis competition, including single and duo team participants. Students stated this is a great way to distress amid finals, and that they also get some good exercise in as well. Graduate student, Ivin Mathew, mentioned that table tennis involved more than just hand-eye coordination, but that mental strength played a big part in being great at the game.

MensLib Founder Holds Forum on the Male Role in a Feminist World

UTA hosted an intimate discussion with, Reddit owner of MensLib, to talk about how difficult it is for men in a world that is moving towards feminism every day . MensLib is a community for the development and well-being of men, where they can gather and discuss the challenges they encounter in a positive manner. They do consider themselves  pro-feminist community, and allowed for a open non-judgmental panel for male students, especially, to ask questions and vent about the roles they are forced to play on a day-to-day basis.

Carter Blood Drive Visits UTA

UTA partnered with Carter Blood Drive for their quarterly visit, in the University Mall. This time around, they had two buses to assist more students. Because of the additional bus there was a larger turnout, meaning students didn’t have to rush back to class. This event incorporated the involvement of UTA’s nursing students, to give them a chance to volunteer and give blood.

The Black Male and their Role in Media

UTA’s Center for African American Studies hosted a guest speaker, Dr. Anthony Greene, on the roles that black males play in the media. Greene showed examples from television shows, to serial killers that demonstrated the difference in the portrayal of African-American men in mainstream media, versus their white counterparts. Students asked questions after the discussion to get a different mindset of the actual reality of the black males journey in life.

Women’s Reproductive Rights, Planned Parenthood & the Pill Club

UTA held a discussion panel with a representative from the Women’s Reproductive Rights Program, the Pill Club, and Planned Parenthood. The women discussed ways students can become more educated and involved on these subjects, also educating students on women’s rights. Planned Parenthood is still expanding their locations, despite a possible bill being put in place that would make abortions illegal.

Renew, Relax, Revive

Students learned mindfulness and practiced meditation to effectively manage stress and relax, at this day event. CAPS Ambassador, Valeria Delgato, put together this event for students in preparation for upcoming midterms.