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UTA Parking Lot 33-E Closed

At 10 pm on November 11, 2016, the Eastern side of Parking Lot 33 was closed. This is to begin the construction of a new parking garage that will add 1,500 parking spaces. It’s a long process that will result in the parking garage to be projected to open in Fall 2017. The Department of Parking and Transportation is stating that there are plenty of other lots to park and even have the Mav Mover bus shuttle to transport student to farther parking lots.  You can use the Transloc Rider app that is available on Google Play and iTunes store to see time arrivals and stops. If you are at a computer then you can find the real time location of the Mav Mover.

-Kevin Valencia

Fall 2016 Job Fairs

On September 28 and 29, a General Job Fair and Engineering Fair took place inside the basketball courts of the Maverick Activities Center. Students and Alumni appeared with resumes in hand and even ready to have an interview on the spot with a potential employer. The Spring Job Fair will take place March 1, 2017 and will be hosted in the same location.

FabLab Mask Painting

On October 26, the UTA Library FabLab held their final seminar to help students finish off their Halloween costumes. The FabLab provided the painting materials and even had some students show off other unique techniques for special effects. This was another event to help bring students into the FabLab and know of the services that they provide. For more information, on upcoming events, the technology offered, prices, and hours, visit the FabLab website.

-Kevin Valencia

Mask Celebration at the UTA FABLAB

The UTA library’s FABLAB continues their ongoing help with students on their Halloween costumes. The Mask Celebration is one of the new monthly seminar programs to help students out. Reynolds Advanced Materials and Tandy Leather were giving hands on demonstrations.

-Kevin Valencia

UTA Students and Clowns

This ‘creepy clown’ craze has been occurring for many years and now this year it hits an all time high. I go out and hit the streets of UTA to see what the students think about this new craze.

Kevin Valencia

Engineering Student’s Motivations

The University of Texas at Arlington has seven buildings dedicated to the engineering department and more than 7,000 students registered as engineering students. There has to be a reason as to why the engineering department is full of success on campus. I go out and venture around the engineering side of campus and find students to tell me why they chose the engineering department and as to why they are sticking with that degree.

Kevin Valencia

Pokémon GO

The end of summer was taken over by a new mobile app released by Niantec. Using geographical landmarks as spots to find resources and have gym battles, the UTA campus was very popular with these spots. I checked out a few landmarks and spoke with a few trainers as well on our quest to be the very best like no one ever was.


Kevin Valencia