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Gil Collins: Remember a Hero

Gil Collins: Remember a Hero

We had the great oppurtunity to interview Mr. Gil Collins. He was born in San Antonio, TX. At age five Mr. Collins’ parents past away, and with her sister moved to Dallas to an orphanage. After graduating from high school, he was drafted and served in countries like Italy and Austria. He got married twice and has a wonderful family. In his spare time he loves playing golf with his close friends. Also spending time with his family, specially his great grand children and enjoys attending events around the Metroplex. It was a great pleasure to meet and interview Mr. Collins.

By: Sonia Salas & Karen Ramírez

Beauty Across Culture

The university is celebrating Women’s Month with many activities around campus. This time Multicultural affairs brings us an exhibition that demostrates that all women are beautiful. Beauty Across Cultures is a gallery that shows the beauty of women in different cultures. The also have some photos of the most influencial women throughout the years like Mother Theresa, Marilyn Monroe, Michelle Obama and Nicki Minaj.  For more information on future events or new exhibition you can visit

By: Karen Ramirez

Polar Bear Plunge

UTA celebrates the National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day with an event that only braves might enjoy. The Polar Bear Plunge is a fun but very cold event, where the students and staff were invited to jump into the cold waters of the outdoor pool at the MAC. The Campus Recreation Department was in charge of this unforgettable and significant event. The plunge was very important because it the first time that it has been done here at the university but also because it is going to become a new tradition on campus. Around 90 students gathered to jump into the pool, they all received a free t-shirt and hot chocolate to drink at the end.

By: Karen Ramirez

Dress for Success

Career Month is here! And the Career Center of the university is having a series of workshops, to help students prepare before attending a job interview. All of the workshops’ main purpose is to help students succeed at their interviews and obtain the job. Dress for Success is a workshop where students learn how to dress for that important day. Students also learn tips on how to improve their appearance, and how to approach employers in the best manner. If you would like more information on this event and upcoming events held by the Career Center you can visit

By: Karen A. Ramirez

One Night in Asia

In October the festivities for Hispanic Heritage month were celebrated and November it’s Asian Heritage Month here at UTA. It is the second time the university celebrates, One Night in Asia. Many student organizations participated, including Asian Student Association, Filipino Student Association, Fine Arts Society of India and many more. The opening event was an intersting talent show, where students had the oportunity to perform to celebrate their heritage. Many sang, others danced  and even a traditional dance was performed. To find more about the upcoming events for Asian Heritage month you can visit their website:

By: Karen Ramirez


In the past few months UTA has shown that going green is very a important issue. UTA has open several H2O Hydration stations around campus. This stations are water fountains that every time you fill up your water container, plastic bottle etc  tells you how many plastic bottles you are helping to save. Taking care of our environment is crucial to the sustainability of our world and new changes on campus are making it easier to do our part. Students say, that watching the counter is not only a practical innovation but also fun to watch how a number represents your contribution.

By: Karen Ramirez

Alumni Association Donation

The main purpose of the Alumni Association is to help keep students in school, and alumni to keep in touch with their roots and give back to the University. This semester the UT Arlington Alumni Association makes a major gift to the University that will increase the University’s endowment by more than $2 million. The money will benefit many UTA students and the institution itself. The association is currently supporting 31 scholarships. Most of them are awarded to promising freshmen and sophomores with a goal of encouraging students to stay on track and earn their undergraduate degrees.

By: Karen Ramirez

Maverick Promise Taken Away


Maverick Promise is the grant that The University of Texas at Arlington gives to undergraduate students to cover all Fall and Spring tuition and fees. Students need to meet a certain criteria. This school year the Maverick Promise Program may not be fully funded due to the lack of fundings from the federal and state grant programs.  If funds are available the university might be able to provide grant assistance to cover up full tuition for this fall and spring terms for undergraduate students.  If you would like to know more about the criteria to receive this grant you can visit 

By: Karen Ramirez

Reno, Nevada Crash

On Friday, September 16 an exciting air race in Reno, Nevada quickly turned into a horrible scene.  A competing p-51 mustang plane apparently lost control and plunged to the ground next to the viewer grandstands. Nine people were killed including the pilot, Jimmy Leeward and 50 more people were injured.  Victims are still trying to figure out that day.Federal investigators still don’t know what caused the crash and are looking at a six to nine month investigation. Investigators have found memory cards and others things that might help them put this puzzle together. The following events for the weekend were canceled.

By: Karen Ramirez