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Math Clinic

Every College students need to take less than 2 math classes before graduate. Because it’s one of core classes. Many student having hard time with mathematics and drop their class or loose their GPA. For those who need help, UTA has many systems for student. There are math exam prep study session and math clinic and math emporium.

-Kun Kim

Grad Finale

Graduation is a beautiful and important event of life. Student who will graduate in May are really busy preparing resumes for a job, doing internship or finishing up last classes.

So spring Grad Finale is really good chance to get every piece of information and items for their graduation.  During this finale, students order their graduation ring, announcement cards and taking a picture with their gown and cap.

Graudation gift company Jostens offers lowest price than online website during this week and there is an another chance in April.

-Kun Kim

Intramural Sports

Last Tuesday February 28, There was an intramural event held at the maverick activity center and there are other intramural sports at the event as well.
There are so many events going on in a campus. Especially, I found student who make exercising and competition sound much more fun.  They are attending UTA intramural sports event. UTA Campus Recreation is preparing many intramural sports event for the near future. This weeks sports was basketball and Badminton just to name a few, at the Maverick activity center.
-Kun Kim

17 Spring Job Fair

The spring 2017 all majors job fair was held on Wednesday February 22nd at The Maverick Activity Center.  From right after start of the event, There are so many student visiting the job fair. for this event over 110 employers attended and looked for a new coworker for their company.

This job fair is held every spring and fall semester. Student could get many information and critique through this event. Even when the event is over you can still get an information through job fair application.

-Kun Kim

Friday Night Film

UTA Excel campus activities  also prepare many beneficial and different events for student. There is Friday night  film event next Friday at rosebud theater in the university center.

The film series brings a variety of popular movies to campus during the fall and spring semester for the last several years. Next week’s film event will be the movie dr. strange.

This program will provided student free popcorn and its not only for student. This is for everybody so you can invites your friend

-Kun Kim

Maverick Opinion Board


Every Wednesday, There is a board in front of University center. That is UTA Maverick opinion board. Student congress is doing this event for giving a opportunity to UTA student to express their on various issues.

There are many complains about credit card authorization issues with vending machine. Student congress chose this topic for this week. This kin of topic choosing by students’ claim, opinion and need. Maverick opinion board has different topic every week and hear the problems and put various opinion together and appeal to person in charge.

-Kun Kim




Study abroad fair was held on February 1st at the University center.

As one of the most diverse university in the nation, UTA has many study abroad programs. There is a study abroad fair every each semester.

-Kun Kim


The University of Texas at Arlington’s Activity fair was held on January 25th in the University center.  The annual event was a chance for student organizations, departments, and community agencies to showcase their services, interests, and involvement opportunities to the campus community

-Kun Kim