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Green Day 2017

Green Day performed at the American Airlines Center on March 4. The band’s opening act was fellow punk-rock band Against Me!, who warmed up the crowed for 30 minutes. After a 15 minute break, the band came out full force and performed a variety of songs, both old and new. Some of the songs played from their most recent album were the titular track Revolution Radio and Bang Bang. The show ended with fan-favorites Jesus of Suburbia and Good Riddance.


-Kyle Puente

Logan Review

Set in 2029, the next installment of Fox’s Wolverine series takes place after mutants have stopped being born and those remaining have gone into hiding or died. Logan has been working as a limo driver to care for an aging Charles Xavier who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. After Laura, a young mutant with powers similar to those of Logan’s, shows up, the former X-Man must take her to a safe haven. Logan is Rated R and grossed $85.3 million on its opening weekend.

-Kyle Puente

Jazz Festival 2017

The university held its 43rd annual Jazz Festival over the February 17 weekend. The festival showcased jazz bands from the middle and high schools from the surrounding area. One of the big features this year was the inclusion of jazz artist, Bobby Shew. After years of playing professionally, Bobby decided to shift his focus to teaching over the past years. He was invited to the university to share his knowledge with those in attendance. After Bobby’s lecture, the UTA Jazz Ensemble took to the stage to play a few songs with the artist.

-Kyle Puente

Adriana Corral Exhibit

Artist Adriana Corral recently swung by UTA to give a presentation on her award winning work. In her presentation, she went over what led her to making sculpture and the long process that she takes for production. Students present for the event walked away feeling differently and more aware of her work. Her current piece, “Traces of a Living Document”, is on display in the Fine Arts building gallery until Febuary 18.

–Kyle Puente

Comm Day 2016 Candice Huckeba

Another year, another Communications Day here at UTA! This year the annual event was kicked off by Candice Huckeba, or as she is known professionally, Candice Lopez. She gave students an inspiring speech and remembered her days here at UTA.

Police Brutality Protest

Police brutality continues to be a noted issue across the United States. A new student organization, the Progressive Student Union, decided to hold a protest on campus to make students more aware of this issue. Instead of approaching this from just one angle, the organization decided to take an approach that includes multiple peoples.

-Kyle Puente

Mexican Independence


Cinco de Mayo is often mistaken as Mexican Independence Day here in the states. UTA has a large Hispanic population, but even so, the holiday is widely mistaken here. I talked to the department of Multicultural Affairs to try and help people distinguish between Cinco de Mayo and Mexican Independence Day.


-Kyle Puente

Student Health

When a new semester starts, finding time to stay active and healthy becomes harder. Projects start eating into the hours of the day, and studying becomes a priority. I talked to a kinesiology lecturer and a student to find out just how students stay healthy despite all of the aforementioned problems.

–Kyle Puente