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Lady Mavs vs. Appalachian State



On February 1st, the Lady Mavs Basketball Team faced off against Appalachian State University in a thrilling match, which kept fans on their toes.  In the first half, the Lady Mavs put their game faces on and led by one point. In the second half, the Lady Mavs were able to score the game winning goal, with only seconds on the clock. In the second half, The Lady Mavs scored 26 points to 24 over Appalachian State, with Rebekah Van Dijk scoring the game winning goal with eight seconds of the clock remaining, leading the Lady Mavs to a 49-48 point victory. Overall, Shelby Richards and Crystal Allen each scored the most points for the team, with 12 and 10 points, respectively. Lauren Billie also had a high of 9 points for the season. This was the lowest winning score for the Lady Mavs this season. Coach Krista Gerlich said the match was tough for both sides, but said that the team conquered the challenges.

  • Madison Korta

Mr. Pink Pageant at UTA

To many Greek organizations on campus, Philanthropy is their main focus. For sorority Alpha Kappa Delta Phi, their Philanthropy is breast cancer awareness. The sorority held their first Mr. Pink Competition, in which male students had the opportunity to dress up and showcase their talents for the UTA community. The event was held on November 2, at the UC Bluebonnet Ballroom. Proceeds from the event went to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, as well as $300 went to the charity of the winner’s choice. Junior Henry Prieto won the competition. The sorority hopes to hold another competition next year.

Campus Elections at UTA

Each semester, UTA holds its campus elections for positions in Student Congress as well as the UTA Ambassadors. This fall, many students participated and campaigned for the available positions, which included Homecoming King and Queen, student senators, ambassadors, and many other positions. The candidates included many students from various organizations and a diverse group of majors. Many UTA students attended the event, and some came out to support their friends and fellow students.  Three students talked about their experiences in voting, as well as if they have voted before during campus elections. For some, it was their first time participating in elections.


Parent and Family Weekend 2017

Each fall, many students and their parents attend the Parent and Family Weekend, put on by the Parent and Family Center. Parents have the opportunity to get an inside look at what the event offers, as well as to see a sampling of UTA’s events, such as basketball games, and to getting an inside look at some of the university’s organizations. Many families were in attendance, including the Lewis family, who came with daughter Chloe. In addition to attending the event, Chloe was there to promote her organization, the UTA Ambassadors.


Student Spotlight: Erica Hernandez

With over 40,000 students, and over 200 organizations on campus, many students are making their way to becoming leaders among the campus community. For sophomore Erica Hernandez, being a leader isn’t second nature. Hernandez is very involved on campus. She is the president of one organization, Malala’s Mavericks and a member of the Association for Mexican American Students. Hernandez takes UTA News on a tour of her favorite spots around campus, and why they are meaningful to her, as well as gives us a look at what this busy Maverick does with her free time.

Maverick Dance Company

The semester is in full swing for Maverick Dance Company members. As auditions are occurring for their fall show, titled Via Dance, dancers are preparing through practices with the company’s choreographers. For the show, dancers are split into teams and are assigned to different pieces within the show when selected after auditions. Company Choreographers Natalie Thomas and Niki Davis are some of the members taking the reigns for the biannual event, and UTA public relations junior Ariana Vera talk about their experiences with the company and about their excitement for what to come with the next installment of the company’s production.


The Association of Mexican American Students, commonly known as AMAS,  had its second meeting of the semester last Friday, which included important announcements from Executive members and icebreakers to commemorate the start of Hispanic Heritage Month. From mid September to mid October, the organization will be celebrating the month in different ways. At the start of the meeting, an icebreaker, known as “El Grito,” or the shout, was introduced, with the goal of who had the most creative and different yell. Throughout the meeting, many executive members, including Vice President Miguel Soto and Nathalie Palacios discussed their events coming up throughout the month, and the semester.


-Madison Korta, UTA NEWS