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Mantra Lounge Organization

College can become very stressful at times for many students. Homework, tests, exams and even the social college life experience all form part of this stress.

Many students like to work out or hang out with friends to relieve themselves from their thoughts and worries, but many do not know that an organization at UTA dedicates their time to helping students deal with stress through mediation.

The Mantra Lounge Organization prides themselves on simple living and high thinking through chanting and meditation. This is an organization that welcomes all students every Thursday at 6pm in the E.H. Hereford Building, known as the UC.

Check out this video and learn more about what they have to offer.


UT Arlington students, faculty, staff, and community came together like every year for The Big Event. Students participated in volunteer work all over the DFW area, not only Arlington. Students who decided to stay near UTA, participated at Mission Arlington, Animal Shelter, and the Community Garden on campus. They helped sort clothes, supplies, and food for those citizens who stopped by to look at what Mission Arlington had to offer. At the shelter volunteers helped care of the animals, folded newspapers and cleaned windows and a storage room. As for those in the community garden learned about different ways to take care of the garden as well as how to cook their harvest.

Over 40 volunteer locations were made available for students and at the end of the day a celebration was offered.

The Stress of Finals

How do you deal with the stress of finals?

Do you do yoga or go on a bike ride maybe..?

Well I went around asking UTA students their stress reliever methods and you would be surprised about how out of the ordinary some of their ways are.

The majority of people don’t juggle or yoyo right before their exam.

Take a look at my adventure and you might want to take some notes, because with finals just around the corner, some of their methods might just come in handy.



Mavs Go Green Organization

The Mavs Go Green is an organization that focuses on raising awareness about environmental issues revolving  the UT Arlington community and its surrounding areas. Throughout the year they serve as volunteers in different eco friendly events, panel discussions, and social activities where they help students understand the importance of their participation in the environmental policy process. Every year, the organization looks for new members who are willing to help make a difference in not only the community but the world we live in. Make sure to attend their next Mavs Go Green Orientation to become a part of this change.

Ringside: World Class Championship Wrestling

An exhibit on the sixth floor of the central library takes us back to the early 1980’s, with memories of the World Class championship wrestling. Curated by dr. Oliver Bateman, ringside: memories of World Class championship wrestling, is an exhibit featuring thirty-four photos taken by professional photographer Cirrus Bonneau. This is a man, who every Monday night during the years of 1982 and 1983 captured the interaction between the costumed stars and the audience at the will Rogers Center in Fort Worth. The exhibit is open for free from Monday through Saturday from 9am-5pm and will run until January 19th. For more information contact Brenda Mcclurkin at

International Coffee Hour

The International Global Grounds coffee hour takes place every Thursday at the UC in the Palo Duro Lounge. During this hour students stop by to enjoy Chai, coffee, hot chocolate, and snacks as they interact with other students with different ethnic backgrounds. Each week there is a different cohost, these are student organizations that are looking to inform and recruit new members; students sign up and receive a prize afterwards. The variety of organizations cohosted each week; also bring different cultural and educational facts that students enjoy learning about. If you find yourself at the UC next Thursday, make sure to stop by the Palo Duro Louge from four to five thirty, to explore what Global Grounds has to offer.

6th Annual Golden Key Honour Society Can Food Drive

The Food drive will run October 19 through November 19. Departments and student organizations all around campus take part in this service by providing their own donation box, in which they decorate at their own style. Each department encourages co-workers and students to donate non-perishable food items that support a healthy eating habit. These boxes are located all through out campus in places like the mac, library, communication office, business affairs, and environmental health and safety facilities, along with others. As a society who strives to excel in academics, leadership, and service; Golden Key will donate all the donations to Tarrant Area Food Bank, which they have partnered with for the last few years. A reward will be given to the department and organization with the best most decorated and weighted box.