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Before the UTA baseball and Softball seasons took its start both teams came together to hold a fundraising event to raise funds for both sports teams. The event began with an alumni Baseball game that took place at the Clay Gould Park , and then continued with the fundraiser. The goal was to raise ten thousand dollars all those funds raised would go to the teams uniforms, equipment, travel, and maintenance of the fields. The event also had various memorabilia items that would be raffled off. The student athletes had an opportunity to present themselves, and answer any questions.



The UTA campus is currently going through several construction, renovation ,and remodeling projects. The expansion of the University Center, The fab lab in the Central Library, The fifth floor of the University Hall for the nursing department are just a few of the projects that are being worked on. All these projects are expected to be completed by the end of the summer, ready to begin the fall semester of 2016. The campus  will also see the construction of a new project which will be the SEIR Building the Science Engineering Innovation and Research Building, which will be located in the parking lot behind the University Hall.





Who are the UTA Wranglers? The Wranglers are those loud and rowdy bright stripped overall wearing students who hype up the crowd at all the athletic and campus events. The idea of having a student based organization that would be able to promote and get UTA students and community more involved with campus and athletic events all started with the opening of the college park center. The Wranglers are always ready to demonstrate and showcase that college spirit anywhere they go.

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CMLA Volleyball Tournament

The Collegiate Middle Level Association also known as CMLA hosted their first fundraising event of the semester all for a great cause, which was to  help the organization pay the expenses to their national conference; where they would be recognized as the Association of Middle Level Education chapter of the year. The students who are a part of this organization hope to graduate and go on to become middle level school teachers. UTA students and the surrounding community came together for a fun filled day out in the sun to play Volleyball.

-Marcos Ortiz

UTA Homecoming Stepshow

The UTA Homecoming Step show has become a signature event throughout the Homecoming festivities. Its an event that has been hosted in previous years by the National Panhellenic Council (NPHC) and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). The step show is an event where the greek community from UTA as well as from other universities come together to compete for a great cause, every year the event has a specified theme which usually tends to bring awareness to a specific cause or issue. Each team steps on stage and hopes to win a first place price for their respective chapters.

Marcos Ortiz

College of Liberal Arts Senator

The University offers students a way to voice their opinions about the changes and improvements they want to see around campus through student governance and student congress. Each College and School has one or more Student Senators that are elected through the student body, who represents them. The College of Liberal Arts has four Senators, Justin Depperschmidt is one of them. As a Student Congress Senator he has big plans to help promote and show off the various majors and students that the College of Liberal Arts has to offer. He also has high hopes to continue on in Student Congress and make an impact.

Marcos Ortiz

Blog: By Way of Dallas

By Way of Dallas is a Blog that was created by  UTA Public Relations Student, Maria Yolisma Garcia and two other friends. The reason behind creating this Blog was to create an avenue for local Artists and Bands from the DFW metroplex. Maria and her friends visit various locations around the metroplex and attend concerts where these artists are playing, they interview them and showcase both their music and background information keeping the community involved about all the great music that is being produced here locally. To find out more about local artists and Bands visit her Blog at

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Arlington Steak House

The Arlington Steak House is a Historical Landmark in Arlington. The Steak House was established in 1931 and has remained in its existence for the past eighty four years. The Steak House is located on West Division Street in Arlington Texas, also known by its historical highway name Bankhead Highway. Through the years the Arlington Steak House has changed management and just recently in the last few years the Steak House was taken over by the property owners Dick and Lynn Brinks who originally never imagined to be in the restaurant business. They have vast menu of homestyle cooking, chicken fried steak being their signature dish.