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UTA Study Abroad Fair Fall 2018

At this year’s study abroad fair, students go to learn about the different kinds of programs that UTA offers. The event had booths showcasing some of the programs UTA offers, such as studying French in Paris or Germanic culture in Berlin. Another benefit of the fair is that it allows students to talk one on one with those who have previously studied abroad and get to hear about their experiences studying abroad.  Through the office of international education participants also got to learn about scholarship opportunities which would help pay for these programs.

  • Mason Brighton

UTA Health Center Open House

On September 5th, the universities health center hosted an open house to show students what kind of services they provide. These services include a full pharmacy, x-rays, women’s services, as well as others. Along with this, the health center also showcased the dangers of drunk driving. Students where shown different booths about how their body is effected by alcohol. At one booth students had to dress a Barbie doll while wearing gloves and special goggles to simulate impairment, this showed students that if you can barely dress yourself, why would you try and drive a car.

  • Mason Brighton