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Game & Tech News 3/26/12

This week we cover the again delayed Bioshock Movie after it’s second director, Juan Fresnadillo has officially left the project. This doesn’t effect the release though of the the uber awesome looking Bioshock Infinite coming out in October. In really strange news a new patent has been filed for a quote “System and Method For Creating Exalted Video Games and Virtual Realities Wherein Ideas have Consequences”. Here is a link to the patent and specific details Finally, we reviewed Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and discussed it’s flaws. In this new Resident Evil you play as a member of the elite mercenary group called “the Wolfpack” whose job is to handle the cover up after the massive outbreak of the T-virus. Honestly, the game was mediocre though and with out the online additions this game would have suffered. Earning a 5 out of 10.

By: Matthew Linguist and Rhett Swarb

Rhett and Matt’s Tech News and Game Review 3

We are back this week with your tech news and game review. This week we got to see the new trailer as well as an official release date for the new assassin’s creed 3. The game is going to be set in Colonial America during the American revolution. The game is set to release October 30th of this year. Now in other odd but cool news Japanese college students at Ochanomizu University have come up with an audio gun that records and sends back a speakers voice at .2 seconds causing confusion and silencing the speaker. Being dubbed the Shut Up gun by the internet the SpeechJammer is finally a way to get people to be quiet by giving them a taste of there own medicine. Finally we ended this weeks segment with our review of SSX. The snowboarding title was a lot of fun and with simple controls and unrealistic stunts you never quite feel as though you are forcing anything gameplay wise. It also had a wicked soundtrack. So we gave SSX an 8.5. Now we won’t have an episode next week because of spring break but when we return we will have our official review of Mass Effect 3 so we see you will soon.

By: Matthew Linguist & Rhett Swarb

Rhett and Matt’s Tech News and Game Review

In this edition we talk about the potential of the new google glasses as well as Oklahoma’s crucial decision to not tax T-rated games as well as our review of Asura’s Wrath. Google’s new glasses have recently really started to popularize on the blogs and forums with it’s oppurtunities for the advancement in augmented reality and it’s massive consumer potential. While in Oklahoma the bill that was beaten back was trying to group all t-rated games together in an effort to tax violent games but because of the over broadness it collapsed thankfully. Finally we reviewed the Hindu inspired sci-fi action game Asura’s wrath and came to the conclusion that it was really average earning a 6.5.

By: Matthew Linguist and Rhett Swarb

RAM ep 1

Welcome to the first episode of RAM or Rhett and Matt. RAM is your newest place for Tech News and Game Reviews. This week we discussed Glenn Mangham the Facebook hacker and an attack on government websites by hackivists anonymous. Finally we leave you with our review of Twisted Metal, one of the longest running franchise in the PlayStation vault. Leave your comments, questions, or suggestions in the comment box below and don’t forget we broadcast from UTA on Mondays at 4 right before Entertainment Connection on UTANews so check it out.

Twisted Metal Review

Twisted Metal is one of the longest running franchises in playstation arsenal. So, you figured it would be good but no. I could not stand this game. The graphics looked like a game from the end of the playstation 2 era. The gameplay was a pain to try and learn, and outside of online play the game was just no fun. The story modes follow 3 different characters but after the start on the first one you won’t want to continue. The music for the game was like reliving the bad 80’s hardcore metal bands and the videography and story felt like an old school grind house horror with the same bad acting for cut scenes. Overall it would have been a great downloadable game for $10-$15 but $60 is just ridiculous earning a 3 out of 10.

By: Matthew Linguist

Soul Calibur V Review

Soul Calibur V is the newest edition to the Namco Bandai game series. SC 5 was graphically gorgeous and gameplay wise it looks really fun big emphasis on “looks”. This game was pretty tough to pick up and even after playing for awhile the learning curve to play online felt ridiculous. The game also lacked a tutorial or practice mode to assist the player and that really turned me away from this game as opposed to other fighters. If your a hardcore Soul Calibur gamer though this game make you so happy. It added new characters as well as keeping most of the favorites and the character creation menu was fun. Over all I gave Soul Calibur V a 7 out of 10 because of it’s lacking areas.

By: Matthew Linguist

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the sequel to arguably the worst rated final fantasy game since X-2. But it definitely lived up to the hype and Square Enix, after much listening, addressed most of the major issues that irate fans had with its predecessor. XIII-2 also added a couple of new features such as the moogle clock to balance the return of random encounters by allowing players to avoid the monsters and escape or attack them for a preemptive strike to increase the chance to stagger most monsters. Another feature added to the Final Fantasy series was the ability to collect most of the monsters you fight in a Dragon Quest like manner with each of the monsters bring unique skills to the battle. Overall this game could stand alone and people shouldn’t be deterred because of its predecessor earning an 8.5.

By: Matthew Linguist

Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review

What a way to start off the semester is all I can say. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is one of two Zelda games to be released for the 25th anniversary of the series, the other being the remade Ocarina of Time for 3DS.. but anyways, let’s get down to it. Skyward Sword is a very solid game, which is something Nintendo has been struggling with as of late. For not being in HD, Skyward Sword’s art direction is amazing. The same can also be said for its musical score which in and of it’s self could stand alone as a masterpiece. Honestly the only real problems I have are that they really didn’t utilize the sky area well for exploration and the surface areas felt very linear at times but overall it still wowed me into a 9 out of 10.

By: Matthew Linguist

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Review

This game was exactly what I’ve expected from each one of the games in the series. Ubisoft has continually exceeded my expectations, making the most historically accurate environments any game has ever scene. Assassin’s Creed Revelations was well polished from the free running game play mechanics to the online multi player modes. Revelations did an excellent job telling the last part of the Ezio saga as well as adding in a summary for Altair all while maintaining it’s individuality. The den defense mini games addition was also a nice breakaway from the main story. The side missions where also a lot of fun from recruiting new assassins to helping the Romanies, a group of gypsies. Overall the game was very good earning a 9 out of 10.

By: Matthew Linguist