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Students find the joy in group projects

As the semester is coming to an end, tis the season of gift giving and group projects. According to WWW., most students hate group projects. They prefer to work alone for many reasons. One being there is  no individual accountability. UTA students share their thoughts and feelings towards group projects.

Studies are finding that college students are sleep deprived which is linked to poor performance in the classroom

Students struggle with time management when it comes to studying, work and their social life. However, when it comes to sleep, studies are finding that college students are neglecting in taking the time to sleep.  Lack of sleep has been proven to cause poor performance in the classroom and ultimately health problems.


A warning regarding your health: What you may not know about a popular dish linked to college students

A popular dish among college students called Ramen noodles has been linked to high blood pressure and heart disease due to the amount of sodium that one package contains. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends the average american consumes no more than 23 hundred milligrams of salt per day. Ramen contains over half of the daily sodium intake.  One student gives her personal account of how she got started consuming the dish.

For two legally blind students taking American sign language, its more than a requirement.

Many students enroll in the American Sign Language (ASL) classes to fulfill their foreign language requirement to graduate. However, two UTA students Michael Blue and Stan Timms, are enrolled in ASL classes on campus as a challenge and as a learning skill they may have to use as a way of life. There is more to them than meets the eye.

Save Our Bus

Starting December 31st the city of Arlington has decided to terminate its contract of the max bus transportation service of route 221. This decision will affect many UTA students leaving them to figure out how to get to campus. Arlington is the 50th largest city in the nation without a public transit system.

The city council has approved a ridesharing pilot program to provide transportation as an alternative. Ten vans that will seat six passengers. For further information and start dates on this ride-sharing program, you can visit the Arlington website at