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UTA supports graduate student while hospitalized

A well known UTA graduate student was hospitalized early March due to a severe blood infection. Angelo Rios is an advanced UTA Radio DJ, recently he was released from Arlington Memorial Hospital after suffering from blood infection and back pain. Angelo tells us about his experience before being admitted into the hospital, and he thanks his fraternity brothers and the UTA community for all the support he’s received since his hospitalization.

Pi Kappa Phi President Harsh Mehta tells us how they found out about Angelo’s hospitalization, and what they did to support a brother while in need. Harsh said he immediately thought about raising money at school and created a Gofundme account to help with Angelo’s expenses. Thanks to Pi Kappa Phi members, and the UTA community they were able to raise over 7 thousand dollars to help with Angelo’s medical bills.

Angelo has been back on campus doing what he enjoys most, being a radio Dj. His show airs Saturday’s from 4p.m. to 6p.m. on

-Nancy Salas

The Effect of Emoji’s

Have you recently just thought… “how many times do I send a text message or email, and include an Emoji? When did emoji’s become a necessity for some of us?” Or just a simple question like… “what does “emoji” even mean?”

According to an article on

  • Emoji is code for picture characters/words in Japanese.
  • Mobile users in Japan were increasingly sending large picture messages, causing a lag in message delivery. Cellular companies noticed the struggle and addressed the problem with their engineering teams.
  • In 1999, emojis were born in a Japanese research facility.
  • DoKoMo i-mode, a mobile phone provider in Japan, was the first mobile company to allow its users to add pictures of commonly used emoticons   😉   :/   😦
  • It wasn’t until Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc., went on a trip to Japan to promote the iPhone, and after negotiations, iPhones in the U.S. now included the Japanese emojis.

Find out how often UTA Maverick faculty/staff, and students use emojis, and their reaction if emojis disappeared. Let us know how you feel about emojis, and have a little fun… if you could create an emoji, what would it look like?

P.S. In case you’re wondering… an emoji update is expected to release this mid-year according to

-Nancy Salas

What are you looking forward to in Spring of 2016?

With the new school year just in, I went around campus to find out what UTA students are looking forward to this Spring of 2016. Whether you are enrolled in a new class, about to start your first internship, or you’re a future graduate for this Spring we want to know what your looking forward to this semester!

Be sure to share what you’re looking forward to this year and hashtag UTA News.

-Nancy Salas


Kick For Nick

Kick for Nick is a foundation that started in 2006 and provides soccer balls to children in Iraq, in commemoration of U.S. fallen solider, Nick Madaras. Since then more than 40,000 balls have been donated and sent to Iraq and Afghanistan.

I had the chance to sit with Coach Salas, an Athletic Director, P.E. teacher, and Boys Soccer Coach from the metroplex, who has recently been impacted by Kick for Nick. Coach Salas tells us how he heard of the foundation. And shortly after, he shared this inspiring story with his soccer team. He says his team immediately wanted to contribute, and he tells us how they planned to help out. They will be sending their first contribution shipment to the Kick for Nick foundation before Christmas this year.

If you would like to help Coach Salas and his boys soccer team, email Coach Salas at:

If you would like to watch Nick’s Legacy video and learn more about the Kick for Nick Foundation visit:

-Nancy Salas



Video by: Marcos Ortiz & Nancy Salas

UT Arlington Planetarium

The Planetarium at UT Arlington offers live stargazing and prerecorded programs throughout the week. Shows are typically one-hour long, and consist of approximately 30 minutes of stargazing at the night sky and another 30 minutes of prerecorded video. The 60 ft. dome is one of the largest, and most sophisticated planetariums in the state of Texas. One of the shows offered recently was Apollo’s Flight, a multi-media show with live original composition by Marek Eneti and spacey film footage. Planetarium Program Coordinator, Amy Barraclough, tells us more about Apollo’s Flight and also invites the public, school groups and the UTA community to come enjoy a one-in-a-lifetime experience.

Check out the link below for a complete schedule of upcoming shows and ticket prices:


-Nancy Salas

Breast Health 101

Although Breast Cancer Awareness Month has ended, it is never too late to educate yourself about breast cancer. That is why Clinical Assistant Kenisiology Professor Rebecca Garner, along with staff, students, and a partnership with the Susan G. Komen Greater Fort Worth Foundation organized the event Breast Health 101 at the Mavericks Activity Center. The event included free t-shirts, giveaway centerpieces and lunch, and had special guest speakers Anjali Desai, Mission Manager for Susan G. Komen, and breast cancer survivor, Ashley Gray, educate the audience about breast cancer awareness and health, and Ashley was able to share her battle against breast cancer.

Rebecca encourages that anyone interested in volunteering or learning more about the cause to visit the Susan G. Komen Greater Fort Worth website at

-Nancy Salas

A Wet Halloween

This Halloween, meteorologists predicted stormy showers around the Metroplex, but for Arlington residents, that didn’t prevent them from going out to trick-or-treat. For Halloween Saraly Nuno, prepared early on the week to take her daughter to indoor Halloween activities to prevent them from spending a great Halloween, but as the night got darker, and the skies became clearer, she was also able to take her daughter out to trick-or-treat. On the other hand, mother Karinna Almendarez, planned to stay in this year, and give out candy with her children. She was still able to dress up her kids in halloween costumes, and enjoyed giving out candy to her community.

-Nancy Salas

The Climbing Wall

If you think that lifting weights is one of the only ways to get a good work out in, then you haven’t checked out the Climbing Wall at the Mavericks Activity Center. Chris Muller, Associate Director of Campus Recreation, tells us a little more about the history of the climbing wall, and encourages students to not only get a good workout from climbing, but also to come out and have a good time with friends. Students from UTA also share their first experiences climbing the wall.

For hours of operation stop by the Services and Information desk at the MAC or visit their website below:


-Nancy Salas

NSCA- CPT Prep Course

The Mavericks Activity Center will be offering a preparation course for the National Strength and Conditioning Association, to become a certified personal trainer. The 6-week course will be held in the MAC in room 101B, Mondays and Wednesdays from 2- 3p.m. The class price is $75 and will consist of classroom lecture, as well as, hands-on experience in the fitness center. Jeremy Roden, Assistant Director in University Wellness, told us some things to consider should you want to pursue a certification as a personal trainer. If you need more information or want to enroll, you can visit the services and information desk in the MAC before class begins on October 19th.

-Nancy Salas