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Veterans Day Celebration 2016

On November 11th, the 2016 Annual Veterans Day Parade took front and center stage in Dallas as participants and spectators convened at Dallas City Hall.

Hundreds followed the path of the parade to honor our nations veterans.  Many veterans supported fellow veterans by wearing their military uniforms and saluting one another.

In true patriotic spirit, almost everything was decorated red, white and blue.  To complete the ensemble, there were hundreds of U.S. flags and a few comments about Republican President Elect Donald Trump.

God Bless America!

-Nichole Deal-

UTA Overcomer: Michael Olson

We all face challenges from time to time in our lives.  Prominent UTA student issues include finances, finding a personal life / work / school balance, and the stress that comes along with it all.  But today, we meet an inspiring UTA Senior, who continues to push forward against all odds.  His bright smile and tenacity towards all that life has to offer is encouraging.  This is UTA overcomer: Michael Olson.


-Nichole Deal-


Lady Movin’ Mavs 2016 Champions!

The Lady Movin’ Mavs celebrated a victory earlier this year making them champions.  The ladies join the ranks of the men’s wheelchair basketball team, which has numerous championships under their belt.

The Lady Movin’ Mavs recently received their championship rings, giving them each something tangible to attach to their victory.

The ladies are a close knit team on and off the court.  The team has many supporters and several team members refer to one another as family.

-Nichole Deal-

100 Black Men in Suits

With several black men dying while in police custody, racial tension across the United States has grown.  The internet and social media now play a role in the spread of news, videos and propaganda.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and the Collection of Brothers (COB), brought one hundred black men in suits together to show solidarity for black men on campus and around the world.

After lots of support and a good turnout, the two minority groups plan to host the gathering again next year.

-Nichole Deal-


Sign Language Now Offered At UTA

Following suit of other community colleges and universities in Texas, the University of Texas at Arlington is now offering Sign Language to students as a replacement for foreign language credit.

The course was offered for the first time this past Summer.  The Liberal Arts department wants to spread the word, so students know about the opportunity.  There is also a public and private need for interpreters.

-Nichole Deal-

Presidential Debate


This year’s presidential race is making history.  Millions from around the world are watching Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as the country gets closer to the November 8th election.

The insults are plentiful from both camps.  Trump under fire because of comments about women and minorities.  Clinton under scrutiny because of deleted emails from her private server while Secretary of State and the Benghazi scandal.

Social media has also contributed to the 2016 controversial race for the white house.

-Nichole Deal-

State Fair of Texas 2016


Just imagine carnival, but on a MUCH  bigger scale…The State Fair Of Texas is an annual  event in the city of Dallas that attracts thousands of people and makes millions of dollars.

Food tops the list of reasons to attend.  Year after year there is something fried, that you wouldn’t think could be fried; including jello.   There are carnival rides, live music, livestock/auto shows, exhibits, and more!

The family friendly venue lasts for roughly three weeks.

-Nichole Deal-