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UTACL Music Festival

Right here in our backyards we had a huge event that will surely become an annual event brought to you by EXCEL. It was a all student free music festival. It feature not the world wide known talents but some great artist who were trying to make their come up in the world of music and entertainment. Many of the artist were able to talk to the fans when they got off stage and give autographs and take pictures. Emoblunderbuss, The Haydays, Haley Vaughn, and Colin and Stevie rounded out the bunch it was a great show and fun for all ages.

-Delton Doxey UTA News



Black History Month is not a month just for African Americans to stand up and recognize some of their past accomplishments but it is for all people of color to stand up recognize the world we live in today and thank the people for what they have done in the past to help guide us to a life we have now. Tonight I was able to sit in on a powerful spoken word from a guy who has seen it all and a true definition of strong Black African American man. He just tells us what he thinks we can do to change the stigma we have on us today and how we portray ourselves to the public.

-Delton Doxey UTA News

Resume Critique Workshops


Resume critiques took place at the newly renovated career development center in the University Center on the east entrance. The reason I took this story on is to highlight what young students need to succeed in life. This resume critique is on the hills of two major job fairs this week. This is a chance for students to get some real-life experience in the field they wish to pursue after college talking with business man and CEO’s of their company. Also at many events on campus we also see the adventitious of free pizza so being able.

-Delton Doxey UTA News

Spotlight : Aaron Gatson

This week I spotlighted a new man on campus but he may catch your attention for many ways than one. Aaron Gatson is a transfer student from Baylor who is pursuing a dream in writing and would hopefully want to write for the Shorthorn the University of Texas at Arlington newspaper. I followed him around a couple of days and got to make a new friend as well as meeting his close companion Keeper. As I go through my last semester here I wanted to speak with someone who could inspire us all to pursue our dreams no matter what obstacles may come our way.

-Delton Doxey

Design Expo AIGA


The AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) or Arlington Institute of Graphic Arts had a student lead graphic arts and design expo. The complete setup and organization of this event was lead by the students. They made the calls for the volunteers to come out set up a free lunch. Speaking with the president of AIGA Olamilekan Mabayuje explained a lot of the tasks and events that he had planned for the attendees. Many alumni students as well as some professors at different universities came out for classes and workshops for their specific skill.

-Delton Doxey UTA News



Super Smash Brothers is a game Nintendo will never give up on. From the days of the original to Melee to Brawl all the way to a 3D version lets you know this is an all-time classic. The Bioengineering department held a online gaming event with the Smash Bros. game and as being one of my favorites I had to check it out. It was a setup for their bigger event the next day but the small scale melee had big expectations. I spoke with the tournament winner and Alex Lindsey who held the event to see when we could expect more of the same events around campus.

-Delton Doxey UTA News

Heros For Hope

The Beta Theta Pi Sorority held its annual 5k this weekend with hopes of raising money to keep their drive to helping sick kids who may not get a chance to celebrate their holidays as they would like. The 5k they held this year was the first on campus and even though it had a 7AM start they turnout was grand. The race leads to opportunities at several local hospitals and the students their selves go buy and deliver toys to kids at these hospitals. I spoke with Zachary and Venu two members of Theta Pi to get a better understanding of the cause and what it means to them.

-Delton Doxey UTA News


Natural Kinks

Natural Kinks is a new organization on campus. The Natural Kinks president Erin Porche brought it to UTA for her previous school UNT and the following is growing. These ladies want to inspire women to give up the chemical products in their hair and go natural. To be in the organization you have to be natural and perm-free hair. The Vice President Apollo McMiller believe that the women can take some of their values and opportunity to the community. Help the young girls and young boys in the inner city. To find out more about the organization contact Erin or Apollo (

-Delton Doxey UTA News

Waggie Wednesday

Waggie Wednesday is an event held at the Central Library for students to cope with stress of finals and class exams. These dogs are specially trained to handle the situations of crowded places and frequently petting experiences. This is offered all throughout the semester once a month. Students stand in line for an opportunity to pet these dogs no matter the wait. Participating with the company Paws with Partners their certified therapy dogs are well-equipped for the challenge.  To find out more information go to the Central Library and speak with the front office they will always know about the days of tail-wagging wednesday.

-Delton Doxey UTA News