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Beyond The Wall Poster Event



Beyond the wall for over 30 years has been the partner entrusted by hundreds of colleges nationwide to hold high profile fundraising events for campus organizations. In many cases they are who the school will trust for the task.  Based out of a 55,000 SF facility in  Stroudsburg, PA. Millions of dollars in commissions have been paid to schools and campus organizations to help finance and promote goals and new initiatives. Beyond The Wall has a 40 year track record at organizing exceptional fundraisers at college and universities nationwide and UTA is another college on their resume.

-Delton Doxey

Waggie Wednesday

Tail Waggin Wednesday is held in the Central Library and I sat down with some of the handlers as well as getting an insight on how they why they come and actually what they do for the students on campus. Speaking with Lucy’s handler (Geraldine Carter) gave me great insight on the role they play on campus now and as we get closer to finals and mid-term exams. One of the main things that stood out was how happy the pets were and also how the handlers felt that they were bringing more to the huge crowds who would show up for just a little time and one-on-one with these lovable dogs.


EXCEL Foam Event


EXCEL held its second annual Foam party and it was a huge success I sat down with the program director (Peter Pimolsri)  as well and the organization manager (Brent Owens). I spotlighted the set up and also where the event took place. With UTA growing on a daily basis the new area that the event took place will most likely be the new staple for the event. This is an event that is free to UTA students and also provided free refreshments so you don’t get lost in the sauce as the foam poured in on students and some alumni who also attended.


-Delton Doxey