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The Millennial Vote Pt.3

In the previous installment, we sought out the political motivation of millennials this election season. In this third and final part, we conclude our series, taking a broader, expert-based look at why millennials vote the way they do and their subsequent impact.


Check out the previous installments of The Millennial Vote in which we sat down with a politically-engaged individual to gain insight into his political beliefs (Pt. 1) and took a look into the issues on the minds of millennial voters (Pt. 2)

Pt. 1


Pt. 2


-Reginald Adetula & Monica Wicke

The Millennial Vote Pt.2

When referencing college-aged voters, many tend to operate as though all those who fall into this category think alike; that they are a monolith. Because of that, we took to the campus and talked  to student in order to better understand the various perspectives held by those here at UTA. With this better understanding of the issues on the minds of college-aged voters, we’ll look to find out where and to what degree they fit into the larger political picture in the conclusion of The Millennial Vote.


Watch Pt.1 of The Millennial Vote here:


-Reginald Adetula & Monica Wicke

The Millennial Vote Pt. 1

2016 marks yet another election year, rife with all of the controversy and contention one would expect from a presidential race. But where and how do college-aged voters fit into such a far-reaching political conversation? We’ll try to answer that over the next few weeks in a 3 part series entitled, the millennial vote.

This week, we sat down with a politically involved student to gain insight and highlight a unique perspective in a sea of diverse opinion. We spoke on the basis of anonymity to protect his interests as he works closely with political campaigns.


-Reginald Adetula & Monica Wicke


Tenth Edition UTA News Fall 2015

In this tenth edition of UTA News, we take you inside the 2015 Homecoming men’s basketball game, take a look at the latest research in medical rehabilitation taking place on campus and give you some insight on this year’s iteration of UTA’s annual Veteran’s Day celebrations.

No Shave Movember

Report Reginald Adetula took to campus to talk with Mavericks and find out what they know about the reasons behind the No Shave November and Movember movements as well as have a bit of facial hair-inspired fun.

Reginald Adetula

Dig Pink Match

The UTA volleyball team hosted their 10th annual Dig Pink Match on Thursday. The pinked-out College Park Center saw a record crowd of 2018 turn out to see UTA face in-state rival Texas State. The Bobcats defeated the Mavs in four sets, claiming three straight sets after UTA won the first. Former UTA player and breast cancer survivor Chris Rudiger was honored. The proceeds from the Dig Pink Match go to the Side-Out Foundation.


Reginald Adetula

Basketball Boot Camp

Last week, UTA’s men’s basketball team had their annual boot camp ahead of the upcoming season. The camp’s goal was relatively simple: to make them tougher mentally and physically through ten sessions where the team pushed themselves to physical extremes to prepare their bodies and their minds. Sessions were held at various locations on campus but finished out at a venue new to the event, the outdoor basketball courts at the maverick activities center.

Reginald Adetula

Golf Coach’s Pro Play

Recently, a maverick golfer played on a major stage. But, it wasn’t a student-athlete, it was head golf coach Stuart Deane. Deane competed with Team USA in the 2015 PGA cup.  Deane spoke of how he enjoyed seeing the players’ side of playing team golf. Meanwhile, Deane’s players acknowledged that his status as a professional golfer gives them more confidence in him as a coach and in themselves.

Reginald Adetula

Nancy Baker Scholarship

The UT Arlington Athletic Department recently announced a new scholarship named the Nancy Baker Memorial Women’s Golf Scholarship. With the move, UTA Athletics Director Jim Baker wished to honor his late wife Nancy, who passed away in December of last year after a battle with cancer. The scholarship, which will require its recipient to tout a high GPA and display an interest for education, will be given to a student-athlete on the women’s golf team which will begin competition in the 2017-2018 school year.

Reginald Adetula