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Summer Plans

With this Spring semester coming to an end, we all know what that means…summer is approaching! Reporter Victoria Reyes went around the UTA campus and asked students what they had in mind in doing this summer. While many planned on staying busy with classes, others had plans to find jobs or simply just go home for the summer to rest.

By. Victoria Reyes

Global Grounds 2013

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to taste different food and drinks from other parts of the world? Well you have a chance to do so; Global Grounds is hosted every other Thursday out of the month by different student organizations. This week, it was hosted by the UTA Woman’s Soccer team. Soccer player Estefania Lua says that, she has been wanting to do this to spread the word that UTA does in fact have a soccer team, not many people know about. Also Global Grounds is a great place to come and meet new people, especially international UTA students!

By: Victoria Reyes

A Legacy Worth Living

What would you like your legacy to be? This month of February we are celebrating Black History month and along with that the Multicultural Society is hosting an exhibit called, “A Legacy Worth Living” in the gallery of the UC. Anyone is welcome to go in and look at the walls that are covered with people that have made history, made a difference but most of all…have left their legacy for everyone to know. For example President Obama who’s legacy is to be the first African American to ever hold office as president and Bill Cosby who’s legacy is to be the first African American star of a network a television show many are familiar with, “The Cosby Show” Make sure that when you come and visit this exhibit and pin on our wall what you would like your legacy to be.

By: Victoria Reyes

Chocolate Fest

What did you do for Valentines Day? UTA Library hosted it’s first chocolate fest on Thursday, February the 14th. It was free chocolate tasting that went on from 9 a.m to 5 p.m in the afternoon. Students formed a long line and waited for the interesting flavors that were offered to them. Many students claimed that dipping the pineapple into the chocolate fountain. At the end of the line there was also two bowls of chocolate popcorn that students were more than welcome to try. At the end of the taste, students were encouraged to enter their name’s or names of a significant other in a raffle. Librarian Jody Bailey say’s that this is something nice they wanted to do for the students for a special way to say Happy Valentines Day.

By: Victoria Reyes

Rangers Spring Season

Spring is right around the corner, and baseball fans, you know what This means! Opening night for the Texas Rangers will be on March 31st against the Houston Astros. And while this date draws closer and closer, Ranger fans hope for the best for this 2013 season now that outfielder Josh Hamilton, first baseman Michael Young and catcher Mike Napoli are no longer with the Rangers. The Rangers made it to the World Series twice in a row and didn’t win…now could they make it again, and win? I went around UTA and asked students their in put on that, and the majority had the same opinion.  For information on how to purchase tickets, you can visit their website at, go to the box office at the ball park or simply call the ticket booth at 817-273-5100


By: Victoria Reyes

Writing to the Troops

The Multicultural Greek Council had a table right outside the UC mall this week on November 29th with alot of blank cards and stuff to decorate them with for anyone who wanted to write a letter to our troops who are deployed. Alot of UTA students stopped by on their way to class and donated a little of their time to thank our troops or just simply let them know that we think about them; especially during the holiday season. Many shared their thoughts and said that its the least they can do for those brave soldiers fighting for our country.


By: Victoria Reyes


Have you ever heard of CMAS? Or have you heard the name, but have no idea what it’s about? CMAS stands for the Center of Mexican American Studies, and it’s directed by Susan Gonzalez Baker. While interviewing her, she shared some thoughts that she has on the latino community. The first thing she notices about latino students is the drive that they bring, and the pride they feel when asked where they are from, because not only do they claim where they come from, but also they adopt where they currently live as their second home.

By Victoria Reyes

Kappa Delta Chi fundraiser

The newest members of Kappa Delta Chi sorority hosted a fundraiser this week on November 9th, right outside the UC building to raise money for class projects. The treats left over will be donated to the American Cancer society.


By Victoria Reyes

Global Grounds Cofee Hour

Global Grounds in an informal social put together by the office of International Education and hosted by a different student nationality organization. This week on November first, it was hosted by the Korean American Coalition. Students were able to enjoy food, cofee, tea and Korean music. This organization gives UTA students, faculty and staff a chance to meet and get to know one another, plus learn about various cultures and nationalities.


By Victoria Reyes