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Adoptions of Black Cats around Halloween

Black cats begin to appear more around Halloween, they are featured on decorations, candy, commercials, and more. This is because black cats are a symbol for Halloween. This began many years ago, where black cats were seen as “bad luck” or “evil” and some were even sacrificed because of those beliefs.

In the past cats were in danger on days leading up to Halloween. People had dived back into the superstitions, and were hurting and killing more black cats during this time. It even caused some shelters to stop all adoptions on these days.

Although the superstitions have died down a bit, I was curious to know whether animal shelters were still stopping all adoptions during this time.

I visited the Arlington Animal Shelter to find out more.

-Samantha Seibold

UT Arlington Battle of the Bands

UT Arlington brought Battle of the Bands back to UTA. The overall turnout brought over 50 students, faculty, staff, and guest to watch the bands compete.

Three bands battled in the show to attain the winning title, and it went to Emoblunderbuss. A band that has been playing together for several years. The band even housed one of UT Arlington’s own, their lead guitarist.

I spoke both to the director of the event about whether he thought the newly brought back Battle of the Bands would make an appearance next year, and what his overall impression was. I also spoke with the winning band, and dug into their past.

-Samantha Seibold

2016 Bed Races

UT Arlington hosted their annual 2016 Bed Races. Which invited all students, faculty, and staff to come watch and participate in games, and various amounts of different activities.

Participants could compete in one of three different categorize: All Female, All Male, and Co-Ed. Another competition took place during the competition, and that was Best Dressed. The theme to the night was Star Wars, and competitors who raced and dressed up to that theme had the chance to take home more than one trophy.

I spoke with one participant who told me why she joined the competition, and gave me her overall thoughts.

-Samantha Seibold

Rape Aggression Defense

UT Arlington Police Department put on the Rape Aggression Defense program also known as the RAD program. RAD is offered to female students, faculty, and staff six times in the school year. Three in the fall, and three in the spring.

I had the opportunity to attend the program, and got to not only watch, but to participate.

During the eight hour program I learned basic self defense moves, as well as ones that required more technique and skill. I also got the chance to suit up with all the other attendees, and run through the situational simulator.

I spoke with a female student who participated in the program, as well as Sergeant Dean Peterson, one of the three instructors.

-Samantha Seibold

UT Arlington Walk-On Baseball Tryouts

UT Arlington Baseball is hosting walk-on tryouts to all UTA students Monday, September 12 at 3p.m

Participants must provide all equipment they might use during the tryout such as: glove, bat and cleats. Each participant is expected to wear baseball pants to the tryout. A physical must be taken, and turned in prior to tryouts.

For questions regarding the walk-on tryouts you can contact Coach Jon Wente by email at or visit

-Samantha Seibold




Women GO Red

Women Go Red is an annual event put on by UT Arlington students, and the American Heart Association.

The event covered information about how to maintain healthy heart. It also provided information on what foods are high in fat, statistics of heart diseases in women and gave advice on how to keep your heart healthy.

Women GO Red was open to all students, faculty and staff, male and female.

To learn more about Women GO Red you can go to American Heart Associations webpage at

-Samantha Seibold

Health and Wellness Lunch

Off-Campus Mavericks held their first meeting of the new year. The meeting covered information about health and wellness.

Assistant Director of University Wellness and Athletic Trainer Jeremy Roden spoke to attendees of the lunch about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He covered information about what you should be putting in your body, and what exercises to be doing.

Off-Campus Mavericks provided a healthy lunch for those who attended, and was open to students, faculty, staff and the public.

-Samantha Seibold





Voting Season

With Texas Primaries right around the corner we wanted to get insight on students thoughts for the upcoming vote.

We went around campus asking students if they would be open to giving us their opinions about the primaries, and who they planned to vote for.

The opinions and candidates varied from each student. Some leaning towards the left side of the spectrum, and others to the right.

Each student we spoke to either had already voted, or had a set date to do so.

-Samantha Seibold

UT Arlington vs Texas State Men’s Basketball

UT Arlington’s men’s basketball team went head to head against the teams rival Texas State. Texas State began strong taking the lead against UT Arlington, but before the first half was over the man of UT Arlington fought back, and took the lead.

The second half began and UT Arlington moved forward with a strong lead. Towards the end of the second half Texas State pushed hard against UT Arlington.

In the end UT Arlington took home a win with a score of 75 to 69 against Texas State.

This was UT Arlington’s Men’s Basketball 20th win for the season.

-Samantha Seibold