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I-Week Food Fair

I-Week or International Week, hosted it’s annual Food Fair just after mid-terms. I-Week is produced by ISO (International Student Organization) which hosts a week full of events and opportunities for organizations to contribute and be involved with other organizations. We went around to speak with Organization Leaders to see what they benefit, other than profit.

-Savannah J. Cole


Post-Election Dallas Protest

After the reveal of our next President of the United States, protests have sparked across the country, including one right here in Dallas. Next Generation Action Network (NGAN) held one of several peaceful protests to calm and motivate those struggling with the reveal, in hopes to improve themselves and others in their own community.

-Savannah J. Cole

Disrupting Big Pharma

UTA Alumni Mark L. Baum visited the campus to discuss his new company and the challenges he faces against giant corporations. Since the staggering price raise of the Epipen, Baum wants to offer either a cheaper alternative of the medicine, or spread the word about greedy, yet legal, actions of the Pharmaceutical Giant Big Pharma.

-Savannah J. Cole

Freethinkers of UTA

Friday night before the US Presidential Election, the Freethinkers of UTA got together to discuss controversial issues recently discussed in debates. Freethinkers of UTA offer a safe space to those who wish to voice their opinion without fear of being judged. Freethinkers gather several times throughout the semester to discuss topics that are from a scientific standpoint.

-Savannah J. Cole

UTA Planetarium

The University of Texas at Arlington has public showings in their own Planetarium located in their science building. On October 15, 2016 they presented Hot and Energetic Universe, and they show it often, as well as other shows, throughout the semester. To visit their page and to see when their next showing is, you can visit their homepage at

-Savannah J. Cole

UTA Health and Wellness Expo


The fourth annual Health and Wellness Expo took place November 19, 2016 to all students and staff at UTA. It had panels that informed students of services that can benefit them throughout the year, including physical opportunities and the mental help to get them through the semester.

-Savannah J. Cole

UTA Hazing Prevention Week


University of Texas at Arlington hosted Hazing Prevention Week, which is most commonly known to happen in Greek life with rituals for incoming students joining a fraternity or a sorority. Hazing can be humiliating and even dangerous. Students should know the do’s and don’t’s when it comes to peer pressure, but also know that it is important to speak up if they ever witness it happening.

-Savannah J. Cole

UTA Homecoming Parade 2016

On November 11, 2016 UTA celebrated its annual homecoming festival and parade before the UTA men’s basketball game against UT Southern. The Festival included activities and prizes for the UTA community and the public. The parade was filled with UTA Organizations and UTA departments with fun decorations, costumes and music. The festival started at 3 and lasted until the parade at 5:45.

-Savannah J. Cole



Multicultural Affairs at UTA set up discussions throughout the semester, called Maversity. This one focused on diversity on campus, focusing on challenges and privileges of each individual.