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BMES Tournament

There are many ways UTA organizations raise funds to ensure their success. The Biomedical Engineering Students Society chose to host a gaming tournament involving a popular gaming series as a creative way to express their interests and bring people together. The event was comprised of three tournaments that took place simultaneously, and the funds were raised through entry fees and concessions. Students and gaming enthusiasts arrived to compete for prizes and bragging rights.

-Sean Fuller

International Food Fair 2016

The 39th annual International Week was in full swing as students and organizations participated in the on campus food fair. It was a smorgasbord of cuisine from the fifth most diverse campus in the nation, and it gave people an opportunity to experience a variety of cultures. The tastes, sights, and sounds were enticing as passersby soon became participants in this UTA tradition.

-Sean Fuller

Maverick Musical 2016

EXCEL hosted the 2nd annual Maverick Musical, and the event featured performances from students involved in organizations on campus. After rehearsing just before taking the stage, the teams entertained an audience of their peers and were awarded prizes by a panel of guest judges. In case you missed the event, here is summary of the competition.

-Sean Fuller

Movin Mavs Parent Weekend Game

For the last four years, the Movin Mavs wheelchair basketball team has competed against the Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks. The scrimmage is one of several events that take place during the UTA Parent Family Weekend. Support for the team was in full force as the Movin Mavs treated them to a back and forth game. Halftime also featured a family oriented presentation of scholarships to three UTA students.

For more information about the Movin Mavs and their schedule go to:

-Sean Fuller

COLA @ 50 FOCUS Club meeting

The College of Liberal Arts is full of talented students that are seeking avenues to express what they are most passionate about. The Photographic Fine Arts Association, or FOCUS, is a place where student learn how to take their love of photography and turn it into a career. While the classroom provides opportunities to develop their skills, FOCUS takes the art form out of the grading rubric and provides their members with inspiring demos, challenging competitions, and experienced guest speakers.

Learn more about the club at:

-Sean Fuller

Online Enrollment

Enrollment at UTA is reaching new heights. Pursuing a degree outside the classroom is becoming more common, and online enrollment continues to grow. The flexibility that online classes offer is allowing people to continue their education despite their busy schedules. UTA plans on expanding its course catalog to cater to those needs.

-Sean Fuller

Trampoline Park

The UTA BSM recently invited students from UTA and other local college campuses to an event at The Flight Deck. The trampoline park hosted an evening of fun, food, and friendship. The BSM employed methods to follow-up with people who are interested in the ministry or in learning more about the gospel. Some students enjoyed the experience, and expressed their willingness to learn more about the organization. Information about weekly meetings and upcoming events can be found at:

-Sean Fuller

Academic Integrity

Many students are experiencing life pressures that may cause them to falter morally. It is important to uphold ones academic integrity because establishing good habits now will equip you for the future. While students navigate this moral grey area, faculty at UTA continue to convey their expectations through syllabi and enforcing a stringent policy against cheating.

-Sean Fuller