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Fueling Futures


For a year now, a section of Professor Wigley’s campaign class has  represented The American Fuel and Petrochemicals Manufacture’s Industry. The intention is to promote job opportunities and educate people over the impact they have on our daily lives. They continue to build on this campaign every year, but this year they are bring a new edgy piece in hopes to get a younger crowd’s attention. A local artist, Young Hope, contributed to a rap video that was written by one of the students.

AFPM offers so many different job opportunities to try within the industry. It’s very varied from hard sciences, administrative positions,to skilled crafts men.These industries have a lot of older people who are getting ready to retire and they are looking for young people to apply for those positions. Although the campaign may be over soon, check out the link below to learn more about AFPM jobs.


-Sonia Garcia



Pride and Prejudice and Zombie


PR students at UTA coordinated an event to help promote “Pride and Prejudice and Zombie,” That hit the big screen this weekend.With archery, pinatas, books, bags,posters and movie tickets, the campaign was headed off to a fun start to the semester. Adverting major, Breanan Wilson, hopes that these fun activities will encourage students to get involved.


-Sonia Garcia

Fighting the misconception of the Muslim Community



With so many stories in the media over terrorism, the Muslim community is still fighting their own battle to steer clear of the  misconception that has been placed on them. Often victimized as they are associated with the awful acts of terrorism from extremist.United in Peace was a project put together by UTA students to challenge extremism and educate people about the meaning behind P.E.A.C.E.

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to talk to Randa Bedair, who posed as the face of the cause for the project. Check out the one on one interview I had with Randa over her experiences, thoughts, and her strive to educate those who may still be in doubt over the Muslim Community.


-Sonia Garcia

Petro Rap Party at UTA

Fueling futures,a campaign to promote jobs and educate people over petro chemicals has found a new way to target college students. A section of Professor Wigley’s PR campaigns class created a rap video featuring, Young hope, a local artist to rap about all the opportunities that the American Petro and Fuel Manufactures industry has to offer. The campaign started back in Spring 2015  and the class has built on it ever since then. Check out the fun video they created as part of their final project, that they hope will take them all the way when they compete in Houston this year.


-Sonia Garcia

Messages of hope around campus

Students at UTA are hanging messages of hope around campus. Stop by the library mall to see two trees wrapped with inspirational notes,that have been set up by counseling services. You’ll find some great quotes, personal short stories, or a few sweet words of motivation.

The main board of “Messages of Hope” is set up at Ransom Hall on the third floor. There you can write your own message and hang it on the board or find a creative place around campus to inspire students who may need a little pick me up.

Don’t forget that being a students at UTA comes with a few perks. You could set up an appointment with counseling services and get your first visit FREE or even get a few more sessions in at no cost, depending on your enrollment status. Below is a link for more information on the services UTA provides.

-Sonia Garcia

Stage Combat Class

With so many classes to choose from UTA offers a class that is sure to strike your interest. Professional actor and theatre instructor, Eric Wilder, teaches a course that involves martial arts, boxing and fundamental techniques. Ever wonder how they do the war scenes in movies or all the fancy flips and punches? This class will teach a few moves you’re sure to enjoy.

Stage combat also offers communications and presentation skills that will serve you in later life.You can take skills that you learn and apply them to any type of job you decide to get.There’s so much to explore about yourself in a class like this and even better it counts as an upper level elective.


-Sonia Garcia


The Maverick Activity Center held the Engineering Career fair at UTA. With seventy-three tables set up, students lined up to make their very best impression on possible future employers.

Representative Nick Evans of AIG gives us an insider tip over what corporations like them are looking for in a possible candidate. One student feels he’s got a pretty good shot at landing  a job with AIG after the training UTA has provided for him.

While most find these events beneficial, one student at UTA felt he was mislead at his last career fair. After what he felt was a successful conversation with a job employer, he was told they would contact him for an interview but now he still awaits the call that was never made.

For more events at UTA visit:

-Sonia Garcia


The UTA softball team faced Appalachian State over the weekend but were unable to walk away with the win.On Sunday at the Allan Saxe Field the ladies finished  four to three, losing a close game. The Mountaineers scored a solo home run in the second inning. UTA took the lead in the third inning with two runs but were unable to hold  Appalachian state at the top of the seventh, were state took advantage of some errors and scored the final two runs. The lady mavericks fought hard at the plate but were unable to score to win the game.

For a schedule of their games visit


-Sonia Garcia

Logan Ruhde the man with a plan


It’s not uncommon for students to wait to figure out that they want to pursue a degree in a Graduate program  until right before graduation or even some time after. UTA student Logan Ruhde has it all planned out.

With still one year left before graduation, Logan has been working on his acceptance to a Graduate program for over a year now. After volunteering to be a subject for PhD candidate Brian Prejean, he fell in love with the work and made himself part of the team.He’s not part of a collage honors program or an official internship yet Logan has already made an impact on the department with all his dedication and hard work. Acquiring  the skills and knowledge of the lab and field landed him the position to continue the study all on his own as Brian went over seas for the summer.

You can find him scouting for subjects on social media to get subjects for the studies, working with the equipment to conduce the experiments , or collecting data in the lab.He believes the most important thing to do is to get yourself out there and network with the people in your field.


Sonia Garcia