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Davis Drive Construction

The City of Arlington began a construction project that will replace outdated water utilities along South Davis Drive, from UTA Boulevard to Park Row Drive. The project manager wanted to remind the community along the street that the construction will take place in segments rather than all at once. As a year-long project, closures and one-way traffic will only occur in small portions. For updates, visit the City of Arlington’s website.

Reporter: Nick Tarrant

UTA News Spring 2018 1st Edition

In the first edition of UTA News, we swallow the reality of the flu and learn tips on how to stay healthy for the rest of the season. In sports, we meet the faces of the Movin’ Mavs Wheelchair Basketball team, who were selected to play for Team U.S.A. Later on in the newscast, Cory Mose gives us a report on what student’s New Year’s resolutions are, and we get tips from a campus personal trainer on maintaining them.

Producer: Nick Tarrant

Tackling Tuition

Tuition is expected to increase for the Fall 2018 semester at UTA. Students and faculty of the Tuition Review Committee are asking students what they want their pockets to go toward, through conversations during open forums and online surveys. After months of working, Student Body President Katie Gosa has provided these recommendations for President Vistasp Karbhari, who will present a form for the UT System Board of Regents, at a later date.

Overall, students express their concern about where their tuition money is used for and where they think it would best fit for their university.

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— Nick Tarrant

New Nurses

The College of Nursing and Health Innovation sent letters of acceptance Oct. 3 to students who applied to the program. Among them was nursing junior Michael Hernandez, who said he didn’t know what to think when he found out the news.

Students already enrolled in the program give advice to the newly-accepted students on how to succeed and share what they like about the program.

— Nick Tarrant

Opportunity in Store

For students who are members among any of the organizations and clubs within the College of Business, there’s an opportunity in store to gain real-world experience each week of the semester.

From Oct. 8 to 13, the Beta Alpha Psi organization took over the shop on the first floor of the Business Building to sell a variety of goods and snacks from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day of the week. Through it all, members of the organization learned there’s more that goes on behind the scenes to keep a business running efficiently and to make profit in the end — which was a goal of the organization.

The organization describes their experience and their plans for taking over the business in the future.


— Nick Tarrant

Practice Rooms Pose Problems

As enrollment in the Department of Music rise, the number of practice rooms available in the Fine Arts Building South Section are limited. Music education and performance students say this affects their practice time, when at least two hours are required every day.

Emily Long, music performance graduate student attended the Sept. 26 Student Senate meeting to express her thoughts in regard to this issue during an open forum, where students not involved in the organization can voice their concerns for campus life. She plans to work closely with members of the senate to find a possible solution.

— Nick Tarrant

Students React to iOS 11


Students give their thoughts and opinions on the iPhone’s latest operating system update, iOS11, released on Sept. 18. While some are in favor of the update and appreciate new features, others have had trouble adjusting.

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— Nick Tarrant

Blankets for Harvey victims

After Hurricane Harvey caused major damage to cities in South Texas late August, the UTA FabLab decided to come together to help those affected. Already hosting monthly workshops to teach the community new skills and trades, the lab decided the month of September would be dedicated to making blankets for donation. After meeting for a few hours a week, more than 100 blankets were made and other donations were made.

Students, faculty and staff explain what they did during each workshop and how their efforts will help those affected by one of the most powerful hurricanes, that made landfall on the U.S., since 2004.

— Nick Tarrant