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World AIDS day is December 1st of ever year. It is a day to bring awareness to the disease, and to correct alot of stereotypes. I got to speak with representatives of organizations over their passion for bringing light to the world of AIDS.


72 Hours is a 3-4 day event UTA holds every fall semester to celebrate the power of prayer through continued hours of prayer all through the night. A worship ceremony concluded the 72 hours.


veryone wants a companion in their life, some would just rather have their companion be furry and fluffy. I follow two girls around, one with dogs and one without, and ask them questions about their daily life with their pups, and whether people should wait until they get a degree to pursue buying or adopting an animal.


The University of Texas at Arlington Cross Country team help there annual cross country meet at Lynn Creek park.. The men’s team had an outstanding performance placing in every spot in the top 5 places across the finish line. Justin Domain took first place and talked about his battle against the blisters on his feet during the race. Justin fought through the pain and fulled through with the win for him and his team. The meet was a duel meet with SMU on the women’s side. Head coach John Sauerhage was very pleased with both the men’s and women’s team performance and cant wait to see the progress that the teams will make this season.


Pride week was held on campus in the month of October, with numerous activities for students involved in these communities. I attended Queer Trivia, which was a night filled with games, food, and team building activities.


The annual College Media convention was held in Dallas at the end of October. There were many booths from companies, educational panels, and keynote speakers from a few news stations. Herff Jones was there promoting new books and to support their prize winning book, but I was interested in the small buttons they were handing out. Little buttons of encouragement, support, and love messages. Every student had on at least one, some students had their backpacks covered in them. It was a very efficient way to start communication between fellow attendees.