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Pictures are meant to capture moments, evoke emotion, and tell people’s stories. This semester one UTA photo journalist student and military veteran decided to pursue his dream by documenting the story of a group of soldiers currently fighting overseas in Iraq.  Junior journalism major Daniel Carde is a photographer for the UTA Shorthorn who has inspirations to become a war and conflict photo journalist upon graduation. In order to begin chasing his dream he recently decided to put himself in the line of fire, by spending ten days of his spring break in Iraq photographing the story of the soldiers who are fighting for our freedom.

-Thomas Hoce


Emerging Adulthood

Emerging adulthood is becoming an increasingly popular trend across the United States. More and more students are staying at home while going to college well into their mid twenty’s. These student’s are not only getting a well rounded education, but some are also getting the academic tools that they need to help prepare them to land their first job out of college. The UTA University Library is making strides in order to help cater to these students by offering online industry specific encyclopedias, resume critique workshops, mock interviews and access to the Fab Lab on campus. The library hopes that by making these academic tools available to students that it may help them to find success as they enter the workforce.

-Thomas Hoce

The Success of a Legacy

Passion and drive are driving forces in the path to a successful career. This is specifically the true for one UTA alumna who has had quite an impressive and versatile career of her own. Melanie Mason is a communication professor at the University of Texas at Arlington who’s held professional jobs in both the realms of acting and broadcast communication. Her resume includes a long list of theatrical productions,  podcasts, audio books and has even had a recurring role voicing an anime character on a nationally broadcast cartoon. Even though Mason had accomplished much in her career, her most important job today is being a teacher. By spreading her knowledge and professional experience in these fields, she is hoping to prepare a new generation of students who are just heading out into the professional world to find success of their own.

-Thomas Hoce

Engineers Glow In The Dark Ball

Engineers week finally came to a close on Friday evening after a week’s worth of department related events. The engineering department’s traditional glow in the dark ball was the penultimate event, as students came together to celebrate and dance the night away. Free food and drinks were served to all students as well as free glow in the dark glasses and glow sticks. A live disc jockey was brought in to help keep the energy going throughout the evening. As the lights finally dimmed, the room was illuminated by many glow in the dark balloons and and a sea of neon lights just prior to this years engineers king and queen to announced live on stage.

-Thomas Hoce

Underage Drinking

Parties and social events are a part of the typical student college experience. However, underage drinking is an issue that every college campus faces. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, alcohol is the most commonly used and abused drug among youth in the United States. At the beginning of the semester three UTA students were issued citations at Kalpana Chawla Hall for consumption of alcohol by a minor. UTA police say that they have not noticed a trend when it comes to this particular issue, but they do take it very seriously. UTA police along with members of the Greek community are also working close with other organizations on campus in an effort to more closely monitor it.

-Thomas Hoce

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is a UTA campus organization that is working hard to bring different cultures together through God’s word. The student led bible study had one of their first meetings of the semester on Thursday where they discussed many different topics that most students can relate to. These topics included everything from happiness, to pain & suffering, to love and sexuality, to forgiveness.  With views on Christianity shifting over the years, Intervarsity has made it a goal this semester to reach out to other communities on campus such as the LGBTQ community in an effort to create a safe and welcoming place for all students at UTA.

-Thomas Hoce

Campus Lights

UTA campus is spreading a little Christmas cheer with their annual holiday lighting display at the library mall. The now decorated area is illuminated every night by 6 pm with hundreds of bright neon orange, royal blue and traditional white lights to represent maverick school spirit on campus. Street lamps have been wrapped around with white and blue garland and a lit Christmas tree also stands at the center of the lighted square to remind students that the holiday season is officially upon us. Students are encouraged to take a break from their busy schedules to take photos and admire the festive twinkling lights.

-Thomas Hoce

The Man Who Came To Dinner

The Man Who Came to Dinner is UTA’s newest show opening this month in the theatre department. The show was cast back in September and students have been in rehearsals since early October. The last two months have given the students plenty of time to research, study and truly find their characters within themselves. Students however,were not the only ones cast in the show, some faculty also make an appearance in the staged production. With the show entering into the final week of dress rehearsals it has also allowed the cast to fully experience the entirety of their work on the completed stage.

Thomas Hoce

Halloween Casino Night

Excel campus activities hosts a number of events each year, including this year’s Halloween casino night which held a safe, alcohol-free night for students in the Blue Bonnet Ballroom. Many organizations like UTA Police, Health Services, and SMART participated in the activities that took place at the event. Students participated in a mock sobriety test where they were challenged to walk and turn on a straight line, wearing goggles that impaired their vision. Free mocktails were also served as students played poker and participated in a variety of games and contests throughout the night. The evening came to a close with a raffle and a costume contest.

Kristen Victorin & Thomas Hoce