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Fall 2016 Third Newscast

In our 3rd edition of UTA News, we get a glimpse at Maversity , in sports we recap UTA’s most popular tradition, Oozeball, and we learn some helpful advice from a life coach who visited UTA.

Produced by: Samantha Seibold

Fall 2016 Second Newscast

In our 2nd edition of UTA News, we dive head on into the issue of campus carry at UT Arlington, in sports how the UTA Volleyball team faired this past weekend, and we sit one on one with an award winning Geology professor here at UTA.

Produced by: Jeffery Burtis

Fall 2016 1st Newscast

 In our 1st edition of UTA News, we take a look into how the UTA community is fighting against sexual violence, in sports we meet a upcoming freshman ready to fill in a new role, and we asked some UTA students how updated they are with the news.

Produced by: Austin Nguyen

Sexta Edición de UTA News en Español de Primavera 2016

En la sexta edición de UTA News en Español les tenemos los detalles de como la desregulación de colegiatura afecta a la comunidad estudiantíl, en deportes les tenemos el recuento de la actividad de los Mavs previo a su partido en el campeonato Sun Belt y en Conexión UTA les tenemos el ganador de Mr. Burgundy & Grey.

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COLA@50 First Edition

UTA News celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the College of Liberal Arts at UT Arlington by producing a weekly television segment: COLA@50!

This segment celebrates COLA’s academic programs, its faculty and staff, and highlights the accomplishments of our diverse student body.

Here’s our first edition of COLA@50; watch it, share it, live it!

– UTA News

Final Episode of UTA News Spring 2015

On our final Spring 2015 edition of UTA News we tell you about a German reality TV star who attends UTA, the new sport being added to UTA athletics, and an in-studio interview with the educational chair of the LGBTQA program at UTA.

UTA News April 20, 2015

On this edition of UTA News we tell you about the ways the campus is planning on implementing new technology, helping students with disability, and an interview with physics professor Ramon Lopez.

UTA News April 6, 2015

On this edition of UTA News we tell you about an incident that happened on campus this past week, the Dreamers Go Places Too forum where we bring you the journey of an UTA Alumni, in Entertainment you’ll find out the results from Mavs Got Talent, and in Sports we cover UTA’s Cheer Show Off event.