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Immigration Forum

After statements the president elect Trump has made about deportation, this has caused some students to feel uncertain about their future. An immigration forum was hosted at UTA to help ease the doubts and answer questions of students and parents.

-Viridiana Martínez


The World Counts organization found that 75 million trees are used to print a Sunday edition of the New York Times each year. Here are a few ways you can help the environment by recycling on and off campus.

-Viridiana Martínez

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes


‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’ event took place this past weekend, and although it was painful for male students to walk in heels it was well worth the pain. Delta Alpha Sigma sorority hosted the second annual ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’, their President Maria Hernandez spoke on the diversity of those who attended and shared her excitement with this years outcome. Also a special attendee was spotted at the event, President Kharbari showed his support and shared his opinions towards events like this one that have a great motive for a great cause.

-Viridiana Martínez

CMAS Founder

UTA Alum Richard J. Gonzalez visited the campus to discuss the importance of the rise of chicanos in North Texas. Gonzalez wrote a book on chicanos and came to share his thoughts with the organization he founded when he was a student at UTA. Various members of Center for Mexican American Studies or also known as CMAS, attended this event. Marylin Briceño shared how impactful it was to hear someone like Gonzalez empower her and those who assisted.

-Viridiana Martínez

Sexual Assault Prevention

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men are sexually assaulted while in college.

Although sexual assaults are not common at UTA, students on campus still take precautions to avoid this from happening to them. I spoke to Captain Mike McCord, who informed me that police security escorts are available to students who would like to be walked to their car, dorm, or any place appropriate to protect them from danger. I also spoke with Mechanical engineer student, Amrita Nemani, who suggests students to never walk alone, and if possible walk with a group of friends that you know.

-Viridiana Martínez

Kids Day

El día del Niño or also known as Kids day, was celebrated at UTA where the Department of Modern Languages and the Arlington Public Library promoted literature from different cultures to the Arlington community.

Dr. Conway tells us the importance of focusing on more than one culture, although “Kids Day” is celebrated in Mexico, and Roseanne Thong, children’s books author was the special guest of the evening.

-Viridiana Martinez

Heavy Backpacks

Carrying a heavy backpack may affect your posture, muscles, and health. Massage Therapist, Edgar Flores explains why students complain so much about back pain and why carrying too much weight strains certain back muscles.

Although some students try to avoid carrying so much weight sometimes, textbooks, laptops, and notebooks are a necessity for classes. Students like Jacqueline Dominguez has to avoid carrying so much weight because of having Scoliosis.

Flores also explains ways to avoid carrying so much weight and gives advice to students who suffer from carrying heavy backpacks.

-Viridiana Martinez

Domestic Violence


1 in every 3 women and 1 in every 4 men suffer from domestic violence in the state of Texas. Jeday Crew shared his experience of when he helped a friend who was suffering abuse from her boyfriend. For Crew, domestic violence is a serious issue and he believes it is important to help those who are going through these type of situations.

-Viridiana Martinez

Women’s Soccer Game

UTA’s women’s soccer team faced UT Dallas in a tough game this weekend. The Lady Mavericks started off dominating the game but soon enough after the first half, UTD stepped up their game and won 4-0. Although the lady mavericks are almost done with the season, Coach Diana Fuentes spoke about the improvement the team can make.

-Viridiana Martinez