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Home away from home

Nancy Ramirez, cooks, cleans, mows her lawn, and many other duties that come along with taking care of herself while her parents live approximately 1,300 miles away from her in there hometown of Pachuca, Mexico. Soccer has helped her cope with the distance between her parents and her. Although she is able to communicate with them, this journey hasn’t been easy for her.

-Viridiana Martínez

CPR Certified

The Mavericks Activities Center hosted a CPR certification class for anyone who needed to renew their certification or wanted to be certified. Cristina Perez spoke about the impact this type of certification can make in a medical emergency situation, and Madison Wingrove explained the basic steps to perform CPR. The MAC will be having two more CPR classes in April and May for those who would like to attend.

Viridiana Martinez

Dress 4 Success

The Career Development Center hosted a “Dress 4 Success” event where students learned how to make smart choices when choosing their attire for a great first impression before an interview. Assistant Director, Dr. Gregory Shirley shared his expertise in this event by informing the audience what jewelry is appropriate to what shoes to wear, and one student shared how valuable this event was for him.

-Viridiana Martínez

Maverick Parking Garage

Like every semester, parking is limited to many students around campus. Jonathan Roman-Diaz talks to us about the additional fees he pays to use the Maverick Parking Garage which equals the same price of the student parking permit in one month. Although students run into these problems, Assistant Chief of Police, Mike Holguin suggests students to not use both during the semester and avoid paying additional money.

-Viridiana Martínez