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Robbery Prevention Tips

Parking close to campus is something that most students aim for. Some parking lots around campus, like those across the street from the business building on South West St., can be a long walk to class. The recent reports about armed robberies happening there, on UTA’s parking lots 50 and 51, had students trying to be more cautious since these robberies happened while daylight. I decided to speak with a Dallas Police Officer to give us some tips and advice for students when walking alone. I also spoke with a student about the precautions he is taking while walking to class.

-Cristina Garcia


The organization, Students for Justice in Palestine at UTA, held an event called Adopt-A-Refugee where they helped over 80 refugee is our area that were in need of basic necessities. They planned on running their event for 2 days and did not anticipate the quick reaction of the students to help these families. Within 2 hours all the families were adopted so they continued by collecting monetary donations.

This organization was formed last year in efforts to promote justice and human rights for the Palestinian people. I talked to a few students about why it is important for them to contribute and help this families.

If you wish to help this organization, click the link below, to visit their Facebook page where they will announce future events.


-Cristina Garcia

Parking Enforcement Delay

The beginning of the school year has had some students confused on the topic about parking permits. The decals on student’s cars windshields are a thing of the past. New procedures on obtaining parking permits were implemented. This fall semester students had to go online to buy their permits and to register their vehicles. The trucks that were to be equipped to read vehicle license plates in the parking lots, were not ready on time. And so, everyone was free to park almost anywhere. This caused a big stress on students when looking for parking. I talked to a few students, most unaware of the parking enforcement delay.

-Cristina Garcia

Swift Center Construction

Construction projects around UTA are seen quite often. Although the ending result is to ease student’s travels around campus, the process causes problems for some. The construction project that took place around the Swift Center on UTA Boulevard and Summit Avenue was done to bring better access to the center. Employee of the center hopes their parking issues will be solved by creating more parking for students and visitors. Some students that had problems are those that frequently walk through this construction area to get to class. A resident in front of the construction area shared that he has not had major issues since most of the construction was done during the day while everyone’s at work.

-Cristina Garcia