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The state fair is officially in town and the one thing that everyone is so keen to try is the new and strange foods. From deep fried sweets to deep fried drinks, the fair has it all. Quen Vernado has been working at the fair for years and explains why she keeps coming back, and what her favorite foods are.

Laura from the Texas Skillet anticipates a successful fair season as her main dish, The Cowboy Burrito, has been featured on The Food Network.

The Fair is only in town till October 22.

-Zaina Zinati


Staying consistent on social media the way you would in your every day life is important. The SJP organization at UTA has had a problem with their members and social media. A few members involved posted hate messages on their twitter targeting people of the Jewish community. What you post online never goes away, and you never know who could potentially see it.

Mr Black Trans Dallas

Mr Black Trans Dallas,  holds the first ever 2017 reigning title. Trenton ‘TJ’ Johnson came to UTA to speak on behalf of the Black trans community and to advocate for them. He talked about how hard it is to be Trans and Black, and how society is still behind on acceptance. He spoke about how tolerance and love is the only way to overcome the stigma’s of society.



-Zaina Alzinati


The Korean Culture Association also know as the KCA gathered together to create valentines day cards for patients at the Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital. They enjoyed Korean Pop music which is also known as Kpop and had valentines sweets. Members of the KCA were all smiles as they came out to create valentines. Also, a member explained what it means to her to be in the KCA

Interior Design Student


UTA interior design student, Veronica Sanders, was ecstatic as she recently found out that she won a design contest by academy award winning actress, Halle Berry. Veronica describes the moment she found out that she won, and how she is excited to meet the actress in person. She talks about the hardships she overcame and how she feels they served as an advantage in the contest.

-Zaina Alzinati