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Drake’s “More Life” breaks multiple records within first week

On March 18th, 3-time Grammy award-winning artist Drake released his latest project titled “More Life.” The 22-track playlist premiered on OVO Sound Radio and was released on Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify shortly after. Including streams, first week sales for the project accumulated roughly 505,000 copies. “More Life” was streamed 89.9 million times on Apple Music within 24 hours, shattering the records on every streaming service. Meanwhile at UTA, I had a chance to speak with Drake fans who gave their honest opinion of the rapper’s latest release. Drake is currently finishing his European “Boy Meets World” tour and no new music details have been announced for the future.

Justin Oliver – UTA News

Grad Finale

Graduation is a beautiful and important event of life. Student who will graduate in May are really busy preparing resumes for a job, doing internship or finishing up last classes.

So spring Grad Finale is really good chance to get every piece of information and items for their graduation.  During this finale, students order their graduation ring, announcement cards and taking a picture with their gown and cap.

Graudation gift company Jostens offers lowest price than online website during this week and there is an another chance in April.

-Kun Kim

UTA Baseball

The UTA Baseball team hosted their first Sunbelt conference game when they took on the Georgia Southern Eagles for a three game series this past weekend. In Friday’s game, the Mavericks won 3-2. The game got on a promising start when Senior outfielder Quentin Rohrbaugh hit a solo home run in the first. Starting pitcher Kadon Simmons went 7 2/3 innings only allowing two hits. Saturday’s contest saw UTA lose their matchup against the Eagles 4-3. Noah Vaughn tied the game 3-3 with his fifth homer of the season, but Eagles second baseman Steven Curry hit the game winning RBI. In Sunday’s rubber match was a seesaw affair as the Eagles score five runs in the first. UTA starting pitcher Jakob Hernandez settled down after the first inning and had six scoreless innings with seven strikeouts. The Mavericks tied the game 5-5 in the fifth inning, but Georgia Southern would add four runs in the eighth to seal their win and the series win against the Mavericks.

-Mark Makinde

Back From the Break!

Spring Break is officially over. We hope you had a good time. However, class has restarted. Many students find themselves picking back up on their regular daily routines. If you are having some trouble, and need advise on a smoother transition, here are some tips.

-Adrian Cardenas

UTA’s 10th Annual Health Fair

On Wednesday, March 1st, the 10th annual health fair was held in the bluebonnet room at the university center. This gave students a chance to learn vital health information with Spring Break coming the following week. Fitness coach Angela Chambers and Sociology major Iris Garcia gave their opinions on why they feel the health fair is important and how their particular stands effect the students. Latoya Oduniyi, health promotion and substance abuse advisor who hosted the event, explains her experiences with previous health fairs and how she has seen it grow over the years. UTA‘s office of health services organizes the health fair a year in advance to gain sponsors, donations, and send out invitations. Planning for 2018 starts now and students are looking forward to the next one.

Justin Oliver – UTA News

Green Day 2017

Green Day performed at the American Airlines Center on March 4. The band’s opening act was fellow punk-rock band Against Me!, who warmed up the crowed for 30 minutes. After a 15 minute break, the band came out full force and performed a variety of songs, both old and new. Some of the songs played from their most recent album were the titular track Revolution Radio and Bang Bang. The show ended with fan-favorites Jesus of Suburbia and Good Riddance.


-Kyle Puente

Logan Review

Set in 2029, the next installment of Fox’s Wolverine series takes place after mutants have stopped being born and those remaining have gone into hiding or died. Logan has been working as a limo driver to care for an aging Charles Xavier who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. After Laura, a young mutant with powers similar to those of Logan’s, shows up, the former X-Man must take her to a safe haven. Logan is Rated R and grossed $85.3 million on its opening weekend.

-Kyle Puente

The End of Patriarchy

The end of Patriarchy: Radical Feminist for men, written by Robert Hensen a professor in the department of journalism at the University of Texas, came to UT-Arlington to give a speech and touch base with students who believe in feminism. He emphasized that when he discovered feminism it change his way of life, his understanding and the relationships he had were for ever changed.

-Felix Diaz

Frisbee For Life

Pro-Life mavericks came together to raise awareness for parents and soon to be parents on campus. The organization held a frisbee tournament to fund raise for a scholarship that is handed out to one full time student to help with their needs overall during their semester. After last years success with a 5k and a change in their congress, Frisbee For Life was born.

-Felix Diaz