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UTA Grad Students in Physics

Two UTA Graduate students have been conducting research on the dynamics and evolution of super nova remnants, with grants from NASA. One of them is getting the opportunity of a lifetime to be a guest observer on the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy or SOFIA ( located on a jet aircraft in Palmdale, CA). They are researching super nova remnant “Cassiopeia A” using IR bands to pick up thermal radiation in the upper level atmosphere.

UTA Night at the Levitt

On Friday, September 20, UTA hosted a concert at the Levitt Pavilion in Arlington. We talk to some of the students and event organizers, as well as ask about the importance of being involved on and off campus.

Rape Crisis Series: How RVSP and Crime Victim Services work together to help students

Part 2 of 2: In this installment, UTA News looked at how Crime Victim Services and the Relationship Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention program, or RVSP, work together to help students who have been victims of violent crime. The two programs are focused on advocating for and supporting student in times of need. The programs are hoping to host more events and information sessions together to get the word out about how they can assist students in times of trauma.

Treehouse Fest gives local musicians a platform

Treehouse Fest is a monthly gathering that features local musicians hosted by the UTA Football Team. The Football Team is a creative collective that’s goal is to make connections between musicians, venue owners, community members and others. The group’s creative arts director Eli Tomlanoivch and the group’s founder Garret Martin always say, “Be a connecting point, not an end point.” This month, Motha Falcon opened the night with their unique blend of pop, funk and rap. Their lead singer Diya Craft danced around the patio with ease, jumping on structures and even dropping the mic to get closer to onlookers. Besides the live music on the patio, their was also a stage in Truth Vinyl where attendees could vibe to different EDM artists throughout the night.

Rape Crisis Series: Professor studies effectiveness of rape crisis centers in Texas

Part 1 of 2: Social work professor Rachel Voth-Schrag contributed to a study looking into the effectiveness of rape crisis centers in Texas. She found that their main priorities were addressing mental health challenges that accompany trauma and challenges with functioning after a traumatic event. There’s no rape crisis center at UTA, however the university does offer assistance through their Crime Victim Services unit under the UTA Police Department. VCS offers victims of any violent crime help getting the services they need to recover, and they can do so without filing a formal police report.


Sexual assault reported at Kappa Sigma fraternity house

On April 14th at approximately 1 a.m. a female student reported a sexual assault involving a male student at the Kappa Sigma fraternity house. Other than the time, date and location of the assault, no additional information is known. Since the investigation is ongoing within the UTA Police Department, they were not able to provide any additional details. This news comes after all Fraternity and Sorority Life social activities were indefinitely suspended as of April 1, citing multiple student conduct violations – one of which resulted in the hospitalization of a male student.


Spotlight Series: Battle of the Bands


Excel Campus Activities hosted it’s third annual Spotlight Series: Battle of the Bands. Six local and student driven bands competed head-to-head for a grand prize. In the end, their were only two winners. The band ‘Pajama Party’ walked away with the people’s choice award while ‘Verm and Loretta” won it all. They will be receiving a gift card and six hours of studio time, courtesy of UT Arlington Records and the music department.