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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

The department of RVSP hosted a bi-annual event to help bring out awareness for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The most important part of the event is to promote awareness about consent. They brought in several student organizations and departments to help spread the word about Sexual Assault awareness. At the event they give out fun quizzes, activities and giveaways as part of the event. RSVP’s mission is to promote consent awareness and give out other information about toxic relationships. RVSP also has great workshops about what consent is because not alot of people understand how to give and receive that kind of information. The RSVP departments wants to ensure students that no matter what they are not alone in the event of sexual assault.

Movin Mavs Doug Garner Feature

The Movin Mavs have moved up in the National Rankings and continues to grow there brand under Head Coach Doug Garner. Coach Garner has contributed for 27 years to the National Wheel Chair basketball association. He was recently inducted into the National Wheel Chair basketball association Hall Of Fame. Coach says sports allows people to break that barrier of poverty and low expectations for young people with disabilities. Coach Garner got motivation to take over the team due to a life changing event when his son was born with a disability which helped sway his decision to take over the UTA Movin Mavs basketball team and he built a system that encouraged growth and encourage participation.

Joshua Taylor Feature

UT-Arlington Alumni Joshua Taylor was an active member and was a president of a Fraternity back when it was active is not a life coach and his purpose in life is to help assist others. While the president of the frat it was a big trail run to understand the leadership role and to understand the feeling of what it is like to have people believe in him. Joshua enjoys and takes part in being a leader in the community. Here at UTA he mentors 15 actively enrolled students. These students reach out to Joshua every day and discuss life and other important matters going on. Joshua also started a foundation to honor his brother memory that was killed by a police officer in Arlington.