Flight 12 Improv Troupe

The student run improv troupe held it’s first performance of the semester. The troupe consists of returning theater majors and some first timers. The troupe performed an energetic show in front of a sold out crowd. Before the students hit the stage, I followed them that day to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Link Kabadyundi: 7-1 Basketball Player and Photographer

From the stands, when you see Link, you see a 7 foot giant who has quite the defensive presence in the front court.

But when I sat down with the Senior from Montreal, Canada, I learned about things the average UTA fan may not know. Like the fact that his first language is French, how his teammates that room with him rave about his cooking abilities, and one particular interest off the court that may not be as obvious as his tall size.

Kabayundi has a passion for photography and graphic design. And although he’s humble about his talents, he has quite the potential. He takes pictures of his teammates and edits the photos into promotional posters. He also has an Instagram page dedicated to his photography.

To see more of Kabayundi’s Photography follow him at @KingTonyPics on Instagram.


Flag Football

Flag football is an intramural sport provided by the university and run by the Maverick Activity Center’s staff. It is a way for students to grow bonds with each other over time and get to play some football. When they are out on the gridiron the games get pretty intense as all of the teams want to try and win, but there is more to it than that. Friendships are built off of these experiences. Both members interviewed from OhTeamLightSkin, Papiha Kashmiri and Rodney Webb, shared that same sentiment towards what flag football has done for them.

-Kory Kelch, UTA News

Fantasy Football

Fantasy football has done nothing but continue to grow over the years. Over the last two decades the numbers are staggering, in 1988 around five-hundred thousand people were playing fantasy sports to an estimated 57.4 million people playing this year in the United States and Canada. Fantasy football is a way to interact with people over a common topic while also having  some fun with it. Jeremy Sheehy, UTA junior, says he keeps in touch with buddies from high school who are all in a fantasy football league together. Fantasy football is a virtual way to have some stake in the weekly NFL match ups and how certain players perform.

-Kory Kelch, UTA News

Basketball at the MAC

The University of Texas at Arlington has a state of the art recreational building, the Mavericks Activities Center also known as the MAC. One aspect of the MAC that stands out to a lot of students who enjoy being active as well as participating in sports is their basketball setup. The MAC has four full inside courts as well as two courts outside, this is an ideal location for students wanting to hoop to get some games in. UTA senior Marcus Spears when he is not in class comes to the MAC to get a sweat in playing a game he loves. He vouched for the good quality of competitiveness at the MAC and claimed for this to basically to be a home away from home for him.

-Kory Kelch, UTA News

Dealing with sleep deprivation come test time?

Students over the years have gone about their normal lives and found different ways to deal with all of the pressures put on them while in college. A common practice is procrastination which in return a lot of times plays right into the hands of sleep deprivation. Cramming information last minute to prepare themselves for midterms or finals is seen as normal around campuses as a way for students to perform better on the tests. Lauren Coursey, lecturer in the department of psychology would not recommend that but rather study throughout the semester and getting a good nights sleep the night before a big test.

-Kory Kelch, UTA News

UTA Library

UTA library always have functions going on in and outside of the the building. For starters the Library has the FAB lab that can help students out with just about any problem they could possibly have. As of this semester now Einstein Bagels are located in the building. They also have a mini mart.The library is the place to be there is an ATM outside and events always outside such as can food drives, blood drive, also just about every organization on campus pull out their table by the library because they know its so much traffic in the area.

-Belencia Mayfield

Walking can cure more problems than you think.

When working out most people only think running can help lose weight, but walking has the same impact. Between walking and running the outcome is not much a of a difference. So I went out to ask UTA students did they know walking around campus really was good for their health even if they don’t exercise on a daily bases. Going to class everyday is for your education and your health. One student didn’t care to hear of anything that had to do with exercising, even though she works at the gym, her favorite hobby was chilling.

-Belencia Mayfield


Immigration Forum

After statements the president elect Trump has made about deportation, this has caused some students to feel uncertain about their future. An immigration forum was hosted at UTA to help ease the doubts and answer questions of students and parents.

-Viridiana Martínez