Erick Neal Profile

One of UTA basketball stars Erick Neal is poised to have an another great season and with him being in his third season his is now becoming a leader in this team. last season he was the first player in UTA history to make a triple double in a game. Erick has matured into a leader in the team and he facilitates the court due to his assist and his presence on the defensive side of the ball. Erick has been playing basketball for a while and his skills is what UTA needs to compete for a Sun Belt championship


Jeffrey Burts

Basketball Media day

UTA had its annual basketball media day and one player in particular Kevin Hervey is looking to make a big impact this season. Last year Kevin had a nasty injury to end his season a year ago and now he look like he is ready to play some ball. With him returning  the Mavericks are the favorite to win the sun belt and are looking to take advantage of that preseason odds. Kevin bring his size and his physical toughness to the team something that they missed last season and he believes that he is ready to make a impact the moment he returns


Jeffrey Burtis

Banned Books

UTA had its annual banned books week at the UTA library to educate students on what types of books are banned from public libraries and elementary schools due to their content. Books have to go through a process to get banned and this event shows how these controversial books get to being banned. the process is that if a books in bad for kids it will be challenged and put to a vote if they vote to ban it it will be banned. some of the most popular books in culture have been challenged but have yet to be banned.


Jeffrey Burtis

Rocktober concert

UTA had its annual Rocktober concert unfortunately they had to cancel due to rain.this does not happened frequently for the first time in almost a year they had to cancel.Big Red Ants was scheduled to play in the event but they could not and they will reschedule for another time the coordinator of this annual tradition talked about how this usually does not happened in the years they have planned Rocktober how ever they usually have plans for this occasion.they will try again every Friday in October and they hope for some better weather than last time.



Jeffrey Burtis

UTA News

Jorge Bilbao Profile

El equipo de basketball masculino estrena capitan para esta temporada y nuestra nueva reportera Sheila Guerrero platicó con Jorge Bilbao, quien nos contó un poquito de su historia y del rumbo que quiere llevar a los mavs.

Repotaje hecho por: Sheila Guerrero.

UTA Hazing Prevention Week


University of Texas at Arlington hosted Hazing Prevention Week, which is most commonly known to happen in Greek life with rituals for incoming students joining a fraternity or a sorority. Hazing can be humiliating and even dangerous. Students should know the do’s and don’t’s when it comes to peer pressure, but also know that it is important to speak up if they ever witness it happening.

-Savannah J. Cole

Choir Christmas Concert

The UTA choir organized their yearly Christmas concert of the year. The UTA choir sang first and the acapella group sang after them. Some of the choir songs involved other students playing instruments while they sang. The acapella sang without any type of music and them just harmonizing amongst them.


-Alvina Alvarez

Comm Day

UTA had their annual comm day for students who wanted to meet with professionals in the communications industry. TV businesses and radio personalities were there to give some advice to students. their were two panels to where students that graduated come back and gave advice to students who arrived at the panel. They talked about what they had to do to get a job and spoke to student about their past experiences and how they got to where they are now. Students were also able to get their resumes examined while some where were able to get a head shot for a resume tape



Jeffrey Burtis

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