The UTA Baseball team took on the Texas A&M Corpus Cristi Islanders in a four game series. After winning the last two games on the road the Mavericks came back home hoping to keep their momentum going and pick up another win.

-Marcos Ortiz

Women GO Red

Women Go Red is an annual event put on by UT Arlington students, and the American Heart Association.

The event covered information about how to maintain healthy heart. It also provided information on what foods are high in fat, statistics of heart diseases in women and gave advice on how to keep your heart healthy.

Women GO Red was open to all students, faculty and staff, male and female.

To learn more about Women GO Red you can go to American Heart Associations webpage at https://www.goredforwomen.org/.

-Samantha Seibold


Dan Cavanagh is an associate professor here at the University of Texas at Arlington who is also the Associate Director of Jazz Studies. Dan Cavanagh has created various jazz compositions and has earned several awards. Throughout his years as a musician he has had the opportunity to travel and perform all around the U.S. He then found his love for teaching and empowering those future musicians. Professor Cavanagh has recently incorporated a new technology to better enhance his music in a new and creative way. This is just a small glimpse at his life in music.

-Marcos Ortiz

Health and Wellness Lunch

Off-Campus Mavericks held their first meeting of the new year. The meeting covered information about health and wellness.

Assistant Director of University Wellness and Athletic Trainer Jeremy Roden spoke to attendees of the lunch about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He covered information about what you should be putting in your body, and what exercises to be doing.

Off-Campus Mavericks provided a healthy lunch for those who attended, and was open to students, faculty, staff and the public.

-Samantha Seibold





How to buy a House

College students learn a lot while in school but one thing they don’t learn is how to buy their first home. Omega Delta Phi Fraternity hosted a workshop on campus teaching students the ins and outs on how to purchase a home. J.J. Chapa an Alumni of that organization who is also a realtor was the guest speaker. He taught students about the simple requirements that are needed to begin the home buyer process and what to expect when working with a professional.

-Marcos Ortiz

Kappa Delta Chi Stroll Competition

The National Panhellenic and Multicultural Greek Councils are known for a great tradition which incorporates line dancing, but its not your typical line dancing they know it and call it strolling. Kappa Delta Chi a Multicultural Sorority here on campus hosted their very first TOO HOT Stroll Competition. The competition consisted of three different rounds an 80’s theme round were teams were to incorporate music and attire matching the decade. Slow Jam round, with slow music and the final round was freestyle teams were allowed to choose any music, dance and attire.

-Marcos Ortiz

Building Muscle to Compete

Sure, you work out! But do you think you have it in you to compete in a physique or bodybuilding competition? I spoke with Joaquin Chaves, a former U.S. Army Sergeant who was also a master fitness trainer for the U.S. Army. He has been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years. He shared some advice on lifting weights and training to compete in a physique or body competition. As the owner of Tactical Sports Nutrition, his main focus is to develop custom supplement plans for his athletes that will help them achieve their fitness goals in a more efficient way. I also spoke with one of his athletes, Josue Reyes, who talks about his experience in preparing to compete in his first Men’s Physique competition.


-Cristina Garcia

Stomp Out Aids Awareness Festival

The sorority girls from Delta Xi Nu held their 9th annual Stomp Out Aids Awareness festival at UTA’s Maverick Activity Center’s back gym. Students and the community were able to enjoy of a food sale and an obstacle course. Guests also enjoyed the music provided by 97.9 the beat. They also provided free contraceptives as well as information on maintaining sexual health. More importantly they offered a quick and free HIV test. By organizing this event the sorority hopes to educate people about their sexual health. Proceeds of this event will go to benefit AIDS research.


-Cristina Garcia

College of Nursing Student Interview

Brenda Jamina Reyes is student on her senior year in the nursing program at UTA. The college of nursing was ranked third nationally in 2014 in producing minority nurses with bachelors degrees. Brenda is a first generation Mexican American and the first in her family to attend college. She shared some of the struggles she faced before she could enter the program. Because she is bilingual, one of her biggest motivations is knowing that she will be able to help families like her own. In this interview, Brenda also tells us about her hopes to begin her career in the E.R.


-Cristina Garcia