Thousands protest at Mega March in Downtown Dallas


On Sunday afternoon thousands of people gathered in front of the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Downtown Dallas to protest immigration reform. Eleven years ago in 2006 the first Mega March took place, that day 500,000 people marched from the cathedral to Dallas City Hall calling for a similar message to fix immigration laws.

Martin Luther King III, son of civil rights hero Martin Luther King II, was also in attendance along with other activists.

As the crowd made its way to Dallas City Hall to hear from speakers, President Trump supporters greeted them. There were no agitators, both sides let out their opinions, and overall the scene was a great peaceful showing of what a democracy is all about.

-Benjamin Diez


Kendall Philanthropy

Tri Delta Sorority held their annual Delta Madness Philanthropy Event last week at the MAC. The girls sold t-shirts, raffle tickets, and admission tickets. All of the proceeds went to the St. Jude Hospital for research for kids with cancer. Their President Elizabeth Herrera and Vice President of Philanthropy, Katelyn Stepp were both very proud of how well the event went. Before the event the girl had already raised about $4,000 and were hoping for much more at the event as Tri Delta as a whole around the country is hoping to raise $60 million for St. Jude in 5 years.

UTA Basketball Seniors Discuss Future Plans


The men’s basketball season here at UTA has finally come to an end and it has been an unforgettable one for the University. As we reflect on the past season of victories, filled seats at the College Park Center and our first historic win against the University of Texas, our four seniors talk about how the athletic department has helped them become the men they are today. Also we had a chance to speak with Coach Cross as he leaves his last words of wisdom for them. Faith, Drew, Jalen, and Jorge will be graduating in May 2017 and discuss their plans for the future.

-Emily Arcement
-Angel Rodriguez
UTA News.


UTA’s 3rd Annual Maverick Musical

This past Thursday, Excel Campus Activities hosted their third annual Maverick Musical at Texas Hall. Show time began around seven o’clock and students were given free admission with their UTA ID. The “Good vs. Evil” themed event showcased four teams of UTA students. Each team was provided 150 dollars for decorations and had a maximum time limit of eight minutes to perform. The four teams were judged solely on creative talents, stage presence, originality, crowd appeal, and theme incorporation. The Company 71 team, a Wizard of Oz inspired performance, won first place and was awarded the sum of one-thousand dollars. Afterwards, students gave their opinions of the musical and staff shared what they hoped the audience took away from the event. Registration for the fourth annual maverick musical will begin next spring and UTA hopes to see you there…

Justin Oliver – UTA News

Open Mic Night

The Division of Student Affairs – Off-Campus Mavericks hosted Commuter Appreciation Day. It was held this past Wednesday,  it was an all day event from 7:30 a.m. and the last event ended around 8 p.m. Starting with a “Grab and Go Breakfast” from 7:30 a.m. until 9 a.m., for lunch a Pizza Social which was from noon to 1 p.m. where the Parking Department came to talk about all the changes to come. Followed by “Move It Mavs” from 2 p.m. til 3 p.m. which was an instructional session based on current hits, throwback jams and social line dances. Open Mic was to wrap up the night, from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. on the Sixth floor of the Central Library.  It consisted of students who expressed themselves in front of their peers through poetry, preforming mashed up songs on the guitar and even free-styled their spoken words.

All events were free.

-Katie Valdes

Math Clinic

Every College students need to take less than 2 math classes before graduate. Because it’s one of core classes. Many student having hard time with mathematics and drop their class or loose their GPA. For those who need help, UTA has many systems for student. There are math exam prep study session and math clinic and math emporium.

-Kun Kim

Meet the Mavericks

The UTA men’s basketball team hosted their Meet the Mavericks event at Grease Monkey’s Burger Shop and Social Club in Downtown Arlington. This was their first public event since they lost in the NIT quarterfinal against Bakersfield. Players and coaches took the time to greet fans, sign autographs, and take photos. Kevin Hervey was named an All-American honorable mention by the Associated Press and Coach Scott Cross was nominated for the Skip Prosser award for the second year in a row.  The only player not in attendance was Drew Charles due to a prior commitment.

-Mark Makinde