Parent and Family Weekend 2017

Each fall, many students and their parents attend the Parent and Family Weekend, put on by the Parent and Family Center. Parents have the opportunity to get an inside look at what the event offers, as well as to see a sampling of UTA’s events, such as basketball games, and to getting an inside look at some of the university’s organizations. Many families were in attendance, including the Lewis family, who came with daughter Chloe. In addition to attending the event, Chloe was there to promote her organization, the UTA Ambassadors.


Tackling Tuition

Tuition is expected to increase for the Fall 2018 semester at UTA. Students and faculty of the Tuition Review Committee are asking students what they want their pockets to go toward, through conversations during open forums and online surveys. After months of working, Student Body President Katie Gosa has provided these recommendations for President Vistasp Karbhari, who will present a form for the UT System Board of Regents, at a later date.

Overall, students express their concern about where their tuition money is used for and where they think it would best fit for their university.

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— Nick Tarrant

Photography junior captures women, diversity in final project

Like many other, photography junior Kelsi Brinkmeyer is working on capturing the perfect images for her final project of the semester.

Brinkmeyer says she wanted to capture the diversity among women with this project.

After about a month of preparation, she thrifted for clothes and accessories she wanted to use.

Her project titled “Women of Color” includes women of diverse backgrounds wearing monochromatic-styled outfits.

Each portrait was shot at a location that matched the subject’s monochromatic fit.

Brinkmeyer says she grew up with diverse classmates in high school and appreciates the different viewpoints that stem from different cultures.

Although she was the sole photographer, she had some help along the way. Friends helped hold lights, style outfits and pose models during the shoots.

— Narda Perez

Broadcast student animates his way to $5K

Broadcast senior Casey Moore won the Texas Bullet Train student short film animation excellence competition. He entered the competition after encouragement from his mother and broadcast lecturers.

Moore said he began creating cartoons at the age of 10 and animating at the age of 16. His quality is clean and professional, broadcast lecturer and mother LaDonna Aiken said.

She said she is proud of him for his work and for winning the competition. Five thousand dollars will go to Moore and he said he will be spending the money on adult things like his newly purchased home and saving up for his upcoming wedding.

Two thousand dollars will go to the Department of Communication. Aiken said the money will be used toward equipment costs and helping fund students’ conference costs.

Mara Lopez, UTA News

UTA Weights Coach Spotlight

Strength and conditioning play a key role in athletic performance. UTA  athletics is fortunate to have there very own strength coach that came from across the world to train them to get the job done.

Passion can be expressed in many different ways. For Coach Wardell, his passion is in the weight room. Wardell shares his knowledge and talent to help his athletes excel on the court. Wardell is originally from England, and came to the US looking for opportunity do do what he loves.  After coming to the US he got is maters degree and then found himself here at UTA as the strength and conditioning coach.

Wardell loves sharing his passion with his athletes and really enjoys being apart of the process that gets them to the end result.

“Its not about the end result, its about the process of getting there”. (Danny Wardell)


Shelby Richards UTA News

38th Annual Bed Races

The 38th Bed races took place Wednesday October 18th.  Students and alumni gathered at the stadium to participate in the thrilling tradition.  Music, dancing, games, and laughter filled the air the entire night. Bed races really bring the campus together to make memories and possibly even meet new friends. President Karbhari spoke about the importance the bed races bring to the university. He said that tradition here at UTA is very important. It brings us together as a community and lets us have something to remember years after we graduate.

Shelby Richards UTA News.


WBB Spotlight

Cierra Johnson is a senior at the University of Texas at Arlington. She is a combo guard on the women’s basketball team and ready to head into battle with her team this season. Johnson not  only on the court, but also in the classroom is ready to attack the season. Johnson stresses that being a student athlete is more than performing on the court. Good grades and being an ambassador at the university are also priorities.  On the court Johnson has earned multiple awards for her performance.  Although some setbacks have come her way on her journey, she continues to push through so that she can reach the ultimate goal, a championship.

Shelby Richards UTA News.

Student Spotlight: Erica Hernandez

With over 40,000 students, and over 200 organizations on campus, many students are making their way to becoming leaders among the campus community. For sophomore Erica Hernandez, being a leader isn’t second nature. Hernandez is very involved on campus. She is the president of one organization, Malala’s Mavericks and a member of the Association for Mexican American Students. Hernandez takes UTA News on a tour of her favorite spots around campus, and why they are meaningful to her, as well as gives us a look at what this busy Maverick does with her free time.