Mav Plays Some of These Days

The theater department of the College of Liberal Arts at UTA is showcasing a series of plays known as Mav Plays. The plays are written, and directed by faculty and staff. Cast members of the upcoming play “Some of These Days” explain how the plays showcase the departments talents as well as offer the opportunity of growth and experience.

-Adrian Cardenas



Spotlight : Aaron Gatson

This week I spotlighted a new man on campus but he may catch your attention for many ways than one. Aaron Gatson is a transfer student from Baylor who is pursuing a dream in writing and would hopefully want to write for the Shorthorn the University of Texas at Arlington newspaper. I followed him around a couple of days and got to make a new friend as well as meeting his close companion Keeper. As I go through my last semester here I wanted to speak with someone who could inspire us all to pursue our dreams no matter what obstacles may come our way.

-Delton Doxey

Mental Health

The school of Social work and other organizations collaborated to bring public awareness on the importance of early intervention for mental health. Those who attended the event where able to learn how to recognize the warning signs, what actions to take, and what resources are available for those that need it. For more information about mental health resources in the Arlington area you can visit or call 211.


Janet Ramirez



The Korean Culture Association also know as the KCA gathered together to create valentines day cards for patients at the Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital. They enjoyed Korean Pop music which is also known as Kpop and had valentines sweets. Members of the KCA were all smiles as they came out to create valentines. Also, a member explained what it means to her to be in the KCA


Professor Michael Larosa from Rhodes college in Memphis visited U-T-A on February ninth. Professor larosa gave a special presentation about the history of Colombia. The majority of the presentation was focused on the relationships between the government and revolutionary armed forces of Colombia F-A-R-C. The professor also mentions the guerrilla from Colombia and what the government has tried to do.

Maverick Opinion Board


Every Wednesday, There is a board in front of University center. That is UTA Maverick opinion board. Student congress is doing this event for giving a opportunity to UTA student to express their on various issues.

There are many complains about credit card authorization issues with vending machine. Student congress chose this topic for this week. This kin of topic choosing by students’ claim, opinion and need. Maverick opinion board has different topic every week and hear the problems and put various opinion together and appeal to person in charge.

-Kun Kim