UT Arlington made history last Tuesday, November 29th. The Mavericks experienced their first victory against their parent school, University of Texas 72-61. Students made the 4 hour journey down I-35 to the Frank Erwin Center to witness the rematch first hand. Kevin Hervey led the way for UTA (5-3) with a double-double of his own, scoring 18 points and grabbing 10 boards.

Kory Kelch & Emily Arcement

UTA News.

Progressive Student Union

The Progressive Student Union meets every Wednesday at five o’clock in the afternoon to discuss different types of activism on campus. Following the outcome of the presidential debate this student union continued to do what they have been doing, but this time had their attentions turned towards the new President-Elect, Donald J. Trump. In these meetings the members are straight to the point and are open with their thoughts and comments toward any topic. Mark Nupieralski, UTA senior, expresses his discontent with the United States’ forty-fifth president to be and gives a powerful statement.

-Kory Kelch, UTA News

UTA’s Athletic Trainers

Before athletes hit the court these are the people that make sure they’re fit to play. The trainers for UTA’s Athletic Department do more than most people think. They aren’t the waterboys and they don’t help people work out in the gym. These trainer’s are here to prevent injuries, rehabilitate, and sometimes even save lives.

Flight 12 Improv Troupe

The student run improv troupe held it’s first performance of the semester. The troupe consists of returning theater majors and some first timers. The troupe performed an energetic show in front of a sold out crowd. Before the students hit the stage, I followed them that day to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Link Kabadyundi: 7-1 Basketball Player and Photographer

From the stands, when you see Link, you see a 7 foot giant who has quite the defensive presence in the front court.

But when I sat down with the Senior from Montreal, Canada, I learned about things the average UTA fan may not know. Like the fact that his first language is French, how his teammates that room with him rave about his cooking abilities, and one particular interest off the court that may not be as obvious as his tall size.

Kabayundi has a passion for photography and graphic design. And although he’s humble about his talents, he has quite the potential. He takes pictures of his teammates and edits the photos into promotional posters. He also has an Instagram page dedicated to his photography.

To see more of Kabayundi’s Photography follow him at @KingTonyPics on Instagram.


Flag Football

Flag football is an intramural sport provided by the university and run by the Maverick Activity Center’s staff. It is a way for students to grow bonds with each other over time and get to play some football. When they are out on the gridiron the games get pretty intense as all of the teams want to try and win, but there is more to it than that. Friendships are built off of these experiences. Both members interviewed from OhTeamLightSkin, Papiha Kashmiri and Rodney Webb, shared that same sentiment towards what flag football has done for them.

-Kory Kelch, UTA News

Fantasy Football

Fantasy football has done nothing but continue to grow over the years. Over the last two decades the numbers are staggering, in 1988 around five-hundred thousand people were playing fantasy sports to an estimated 57.4 million people playing this year in the United States and Canada. Fantasy football is a way to interact with people over a common topic while also having  some fun with it. Jeremy Sheehy, UTA junior, says he keeps in touch with buddies from high school who are all in a fantasy football league together. Fantasy football is a virtual way to have some stake in the weekly NFL match ups and how certain players perform.

-Kory Kelch, UTA News