UTA News Spring 2018 1st Edition

In the first edition of UTA News, we swallow the reality of the flu and learn tips on how to stay healthy for the rest of the season. In sports, we meet the faces of the Movin’ Mavs Wheelchair Basketball team, who were selected to play for Team U.S.A. Later on in the newscast, Cory Mose gives us a report on what student’s New Year’s resolutions are, and we get tips from a campus personal trainer on maintaining them.

Producer: Nick Tarrant

Mr. Pink Pageant at UTA

To many Greek organizations on campus, Philanthropy is their main focus. For sorority Alpha Kappa Delta Phi, their Philanthropy is breast cancer awareness. The sorority held their first Mr. Pink Competition, in which male students had the opportunity to dress up and showcase their talents for the UTA community. The event was held on November 2, at the UC Bluebonnet Ballroom. Proceeds from the event went to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, as well as $300 went to the charity of the winner’s choice. Junior Henry Prieto won the competition. The sorority hopes to hold another competition next year.

Fall 2017 Autocross

On Saturday Oct. 14, UTA Racing held their third annual Fall Autocross event. UTA Racing is the Formula SAE team for University of Texas at Arlington. Cones are setup and organized in an empty parking lot to form a track in which racing teams from different universities race on. All the cars are hand made by the members of UTA Racing. Each driver is timed during their runs and their best times are compared to the other racers.


World AIDS day is December 1st of ever year. It is a day to bring awareness to the disease, and to correct alot of stereotypes. I got to speak with representatives of organizations over their passion for bringing light to the world of AIDS.


72 Hours is a 3-4 day event UTA holds every fall semester to celebrate the power of prayer through continued hours of prayer all through the night. A worship ceremony concluded the 72 hours.

Salvation army comes to UTA

The Kappa Sigma Fraternity has partnered with the Salvation Army to bring more awareness to the cause. Until the end of the semester, members of the fraternity will stand outside of the University Center to collect donations. The idea behind the partnership centers on accommodating students, so donating can be easier for them. Students are encouraged to give any amount, no matter how small, to help impact the community. Last year, the chapter raised almost $1,000. Money will be collected and donated to the non-profit once the semester ends.

Campus Elections at UTA

Each semester, UTA holds its campus elections for positions in Student Congress as well as the UTA Ambassadors. This fall, many students participated and campaigned for the available positions, which included Homecoming King and Queen, student senators, ambassadors, and many other positions. The candidates included many students from various organizations and a diverse group of majors. Many UTA students attended the event, and some came out to support their friends and fellow students.  Three students talked about their experiences in voting, as well as if they have voted before during campus elections. For some, it was their first time participating in elections.


Mavericks battle North Texas

The Mavericks won a tough battle against North Texas Saturday that went back and forth until the last minute when the Mavericks were able to pull ahead.  UT Arlington in 7-1 with their only loss to No. 25 Alabama.  Kevin Hervey had a season high 23 points while Eric Neal had a season high 5 steals to end the close game 65-60.  Julian Harris also had his first game back after suffering a hand injury in the preseason.  The Mavericks next game is December 7th at Northern Iowa at 7 p.m.  The game can be watched on ESPN 3.

  • Andrea Ayers

Students find the joy in group projects

As the semester is coming to an end, tis the season of gift giving and group projects. According to WWW. Facultyfocus.com, most students hate group projects. They prefer to work alone for many reasons. One being there is  no individual accountability. UTA students share their thoughts and feelings towards group projects.