Winter Run 2016

Don Zetnick had his annual winter run. Each year participants run 10K or 2 miles to raise money for many of the YMCA of Arlington’s programs to help make a better life for kids and families. This year’s weather wasn’t the most pleasant. Participants gave everything they had in 48 degree weather and pouring down rain.

– Kayla Francis

The Movin’ Mavs lack of funding

Each semester, UTA students pay $8.50 per hour to the athletic department, though not all athletic programs benefit from these funds. In this story I take an in-depth look at a team that generates a lot of success in the name of UTA, but is lacking financial support from the university.

UTA Homecoming Parade 2016

On November 11, 2016 UTA celebrated its annual homecoming festival and parade before the UTA men’s basketball game against UT Southern. The Festival included activities and prizes for the UTA community and the public. The parade was filled with UTA Organizations and UTA departments with fun decorations, costumes and music. The festival started at 3 and lasted until the parade at 5:45.

-Savannah J. Cole


Some students are in school year round..its worth it!

There are students who could not fathom the thought of taking additional classes outside of the normal Spring and Fall semesters. They feel as if they need the mental breaks in the Winter and the Summer, or the additional courses are just too expensive. However, there are those students who just wants to get it done without stopping. These students are enrolled in Winter courses, or have taken Summer courses, and feels that regaurdless of the price, it is worth it. These students are athletes, have children and/or jobs, and the opportunity to take courses through out the year helps them to be able to have a more flexible schedule.

-Morgan Rubin

Kids and Teens University

UT Arlington is not only a great learning place for adults, but for young kids and teens also. There is a program here at the university called Kids and Teens University, which is held in UTA’s Division for Enterprise Development. Kids and Teens University’s camps are designed to provide campers with well-organized and structured Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) focused camps in a safe, fun and educational environment. We offer fun and exciting Saturday camps for student’s grades K – 8 during the months of February and October, as well as summer camps for grades K-12.

-Morgan Rubin

McNair Scholars Recruitment

It is a long commitment to go to graduate school, but it is one that if you are a really good student and you engage in the activities that will make you competitive as a graduate school applicant you should not have to pay for that out of your own pocket. The McNair Scholars Program is designed to assist scholars with that. There are lot of good reasons to earn a PhD, and even now and days not everybody goes into teaching, there are other opportunities to use your PhD really productively outside of academia. Students interested in attending graduate school, and would like assistance, can apply easily apply for the McNair Scholars Program at There is a lot of information about the program there and they will also see the application so they can use that complete it and turn it in to the office, or pick up a paper application in the office Ransom Hall 202. The program recruits yearly.

-Morgan Rubin

What a Friend!

UTA Freshman Austin Nguyen truly saved the day for his friend. Most students forget a Scranton or a pencil for a quiz, his friend Diana crammed so hard for her quiz that she forgot that she could not wear shorts to the class. Austin helped her search for a female friend to swap bottoms with, so that she could take the quiz. After not being able to find anyone the friends had one last resort, Austin offered to swap pants with her. Embarrassed to have on a pair of women’s shorts he sat in the men’s restroom for 50 minutes and took a picture that set twitter ablaze.

-Morgan Rubin



University College Success Series

In day to day world, professional world, and academics world you have to be able to know how to communicate and get your point across in a way that is concise and accurate and in a way that you’re not only able to get the information across to the other person, but that you’re actually able to arrive at some kind of conclusion, or solution, so that you re able actually to problem solve and build connections and network and all of those things that will help you in your career later on. UT Arlington’s University College hosts workshop series through the semester, out of their department to inform students about resources they offer, along with services available on campus, along with tips on how to be successful as a student.

-Morgan Rubin

MAC Parking Lot Construction

The parking lot located behind the mac has recently been closed down due to mid semester construction. The construction is due to a parking garage being built. This garage is scheduled to be finished next fall. It is recommended to arrive earlier on campus in order to secure parking.

Ciara Anderson