UTA Alumni in Ethiopia


After graduating in 2015, UTA Alumni and English major Devin Nguyen officially joined the Peace Corps as a volunteer. His destination? Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. After a year of service in his two-year plan, Devin returned home for a month of vacation. I sat down with Devin to discuss how his service was along with the obstacles he faced along the way.


-Bryant Nguyen

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes


‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’ event took place this past weekend, and although it was painful for male students to walk in heels it was well worth the pain. Delta Alpha Sigma sorority hosted the second annual ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’, their President Maria Hernandez spoke on the diversity of those who attended and shared her excitement with this years outcome. Also a special attendee was spotted at the event, President Kharbari showed his support and shared his opinions towards events like this one that have a great motive for a great cause.

-Viridiana Martínez

Pokémon GO

The end of summer was taken over by a new mobile app released by Niantec. Using geographical landmarks as spots to find resources and have gym battles, the UTA campus was very popular with these spots. I checked out a few landmarks and spoke with a few trainers as well on our quest to be the very best like no one ever was.


Kevin Valencia

Banned Books

During the week of September 26th to the October the 1st the UTA central library had an event to where they could educate students about some of their favorite books. The event was called Banned Books Week. It was to show that in some places these books would not be allowed in public libraries and certain schools and you might be surprised to see what books were either banned or in some cases challenged. Most books are not banned but are challenged to see if they are banned if you would like to know more information about these banned book or if you like to get into contact the library you can find them here

UTA Intramural Referees

UTA offers many different intramural sports for students to just kick back and relax. However, there some students who go beyond playing the game. Listed as an on-campus job on UTA Snap Jobs, the position of a UTA Intramural Referee is a position that allows students who love sports to be apart of the game.

I spoke to UTA’s Intramural Director Drew Barfield who spoke about the various skills a student learns while on the job as a referee. If you’re interested in becoming a referee for intramural sports, visit the Mavericks Activity Center for more.

Bryant Nguyen

Nap Centers

With a full course load and other non class responsibilities, some students struggle to get a healthy amount of sleep. Universities such as James Madison, Wake Forest, and Michigan have taken action to help these students by adding Nap Centers. We asked students on what they would think on the idea of adding one to UTA. Here is how a few sleep deprived mavericks are cheating the clock to get some extra sleep around campus.

-Alejandro Jimenez