Spring 2017 Newscasts

For our 11th and final edition of UTA News this semester, we take a look at a controversial decision by student congress. In sports, we catch up with the UTA baseball and softball teams. We also see how one student is looking to bring people together with poetry. Lastly, we receive some words of advice from UTA News’s graduating seniors.

Producer: Kyle Puente

In our 10th edition of UTA News, we take a look at how students prepare for finals. We have a special interview with UTA senior and basketball captain Jorge Bilbao. Also, we share details on how students graduating this May can get their graduation tickets.

Producer: Delton Doxey

In our 9th edition of UTA News, we’ll touch on an immigration reform “Mega March” that took place in the streets of Downtown Dallas, we’ll see how a runway was used to highlight UTA’s diversity during International Week, and we will further explain a possible Federal Budget cut that could affect students who receive financial aid.

Producer: Christian Guardado

In our 8th edition of UTA News, we’ll talk about the upcoming City of Arlington Council elections, we catch up with UTA Basketball’s seniors and learn about their plans for the future, and we see how some students celebrated UTA Spirit Week.

Producer: Lariza Moreno

In our 7th edition of UTA News, we’ll talk about a new senate bill that could limit how much a pregnant mother knows about her unborn baby. Also, we speak to a UTA professor who is working on a new device that could possibly change the way the flu is detected. In our sports segment, we find out how much students know about UTA‘s sports teams.

Producer: Javier Giribet-Vargas

In our 6th edition of UTA News, we take a look at how using your smart phone can impact your communication habits. Also, we go to UTA Basketball’s post season press conference. Lastly, we talk about UTA’s 22nd Annual POWWOW.

Producer: Janet Ramirez

In our 5th edition of UTA News, we take a look at the on-going Black History Month celebrations, we kick off opening day for UTA Baseball, we learn more about the Study Abroad program, and we talk about the mix-up at last night’s Oscars.

Producer: María Martínez

In our 4th edition of UTA News, we dive into the Maverick Speaker Series, which starts off the semester with Shark Tank investor, Kevin O‘leary. Also, we look at the “Day Without Immigrants” protest. Lastly, we see how Valentine’s Day was celebrated by the single students.

Producer: Savannah Cole

In our third edition of UTA News, we look at a protest that took place on UTA’s campus over Trump’s immigration ban. Also, we see how UTA is highlighting women’s history. Lastly, we share how one student organization is spreading the love on Valentine’s Day.

Producer: Bryant Nguyen


In our second edition of UTA News, we talk to students with work-study jobs. Also, we discuss how President Trump’s executive order continues to impact international students on campus. In our sports segment, we take a look at the UTA baseball team’s upcoming season.

Producer: Camille Connor

In our first newscast, we take a look at how President Trump’s executive order banning immigrants from 7 countries impacts UTA’s students. We also talk to a student who won the chance to meet Halle Berry. In our sports segment, we see how the UTA women’s tennis team plans to keep up their win streak.

Producer: Kyle Puente