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Practice Rooms Pose Problems

As enrollment in the Department of Music rise, the number of practice rooms available in the Fine Arts Building South Section are limited. Music education and performance students say this affects their practice time, when at least two hours are required every day.

Emily Long, music performance graduate student attended the Sept. 26 Student Senate meeting to express her thoughts in regard to this issue during an open forum, where students not involved in the organization can voice their concerns for campus life. She plans to work closely with members of the senate to find a possible solution.

— Nick Tarrant


Every semester the UT Arlington library hosts an art exhibit for the UTA community. The exhibit opened on February 20th with a reception on the first floor. Students could grab refreshments as they enjoy the art and meet the artists. Some of the artists see this more like a hobby. This semester the exhibit is open untill May 5th and runs through exam week. Anyone with talent is welcome to be part of it, applicatinons are available online and at the library for anyone intrested in paprticipating in next semesters art showcase.

By: Jimena Fraga

Arlington museum exhibit brings motion to life

The Arlington Museum of Art sits near the edge of campus and offers discounted admission for UTA students. The current exhibit is called “Artists in Motion,” and is a collection of costumes, paintings and drawings centered around the theme of the motion of stage performers. For the first time, the museum filled all four floors with one exhibit. The costumes are from local performances and are arranged to complement and bring to life the artwork around them. Artist Donray and award-winning costume designer Ric Leal of the University of North Texas are among the contributors.  Student admission is $5, and the exhibit runs through February 16.

By: Raegan Cardwell

Art on the Greene Festival

This weekend a new tradition began for the City of Arlington. Richard Greene Linear Park played host to the inagural Art on the Greene Fine Arts Festival. The crowd was certainly drawn in with the beautiful weather and all of the festivites. Andre Cooper attended the event with her sister after seeing it advertised on a billboard in Arlington. Frank Thompson got the news from a art festival website and took the opportunity to set up a booth and sell his artwork. Frank attends many festivals because he loves the atmosphere and getting different opinions about his artwork. Cathy Loar runs concession connection, a food stand that speacializes in festival foods. She says she was nervous about this festival at the beginning since it was the first time for it, but the event was planned very well and business was great. The event was three days and will happen again next year. For information about next years festival visit www.artonthegreene.com.

By: Alyssa Davis