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One Night Without a Home

Every year during the Fall semester one student organization coordinates a unique event with the hopes of raising awareness about one issue that hits some people, a little too close to home. As cool autumn winds blew across campus the UTA Student Volunteers hosted their annual One Night Without A Home outside in front the E.H. Hereford University Center. The evening focused around informing students of the difficulties associated with homelessness by allowing participants to speak with staff and members from the Arlington Life Shelter, hear difficult testimonials from fellow classmates, and even sleep outdoors for a night.

Visit here for more information on the Arlington Life Shelter

-Landon Hearne

@LWHearne on Twitter

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Politically Challenged: UTA Edition

A few weeks ago a reporter at Texas Tech University asked students basic political questions about the United States, and got troubling answers. Would UTA students have the same amount of trouble as students out in Lubbock? See for yourself.

By: Derek Kaufman

Horrorfest Film Competition

Every year the Art Institute of Dallas hosts a film competition for current and former students called Horrorfest.  This year, Chris Skupien, who’s competed in the competition for the past five years, is feeling the pressure of having to make a film in less than seven days.  Aside from giving awards for the best film, the Art Institute also gives awards for the best weapon, best blood and gore, and other primary aspects of a horror film.  Although filming is complete, the competition is just getting started.

By: Derek Kaufman

UTA Block Party

Hosted by University Events and Apartment and Resident Life, the annual UTA Block Party not only provides a celebration for students before final exams are held, but also an environment for UTA students, staff, and faculty to enjoy a free night out.  In its 16th straight year, many came out to the UTA Block Party to celebrate the end of the spring semester.  From water pong to free prizes, live bands, food, and more, the block party gave students the opportunity to meet others, and blow off steam before the dreaded final exam week sets upon them.

By: Derek Kaufman

UTA’s Subreddit


As a large university, UTA has a presence online for nearly every major in every discipline. While many students aren’t typically brought together online in the same forum, a few UTA students are trying to change that. As ‘The front page of the internet’, Reddit.com offers one of the largest free online forums in the world. With millions of users and over 5,400 subreddits, /r/UTArlington is a new subreddit created by UTA students, for UTA students. As the subreddit continues to grow, so does the content and information which traditionally would not be available on university websites.   Join the experience at http://www.reddit.com/r/utarlington/

By: Derek Kaufman

UTA Homecoming Parade 2012

This year’s homecoming parade was the first to take place in the fall semester like other schools. Traditionally, homecoming was in the spring semester. Not only was this year’s fall parade a first, it was also the first time the boys basketball team played the Oklahoma Sooners! The excitement carried on throughout the night of firsts.

By: Ashley Radford

UTA Eats

The first segment of UTA Eats features “What are UTA Students Eating on Campus?” UTA has many options to choose from when it comes to eating off the “UTA menu.”  With that being said, the food and drinks students eat on campus vary based on the student’s personal taste. Students choose to eat on campus rather than at home because it is convenient. Ovboiously students love to eat. But when it comes to choosing their own food they prefer it cheap and something that is quick to make.

Tune into next week’s segment on “How to Eat on a College Budget.”

By Allie Woldtvedt & Sean Noell

UTA Radio Fall 2012 semester

UTA Radio is off and running this semester after a very busy summer. The station just recently joined the iHeart Radio program and also is streaming live over Ustream.tv. Recently UTA radio began a new year of radio shows with everything from news and sports to hip-hop and techno. October will be a busy month for UTA radio as they have events such as “Rocktober” where they will feature a live band every Tuesday in the month of October. They will also be hosting College Radio Day this year on October 2nd. Lots of exciting things coming from UTA Radio this semester so be sure to check them out! http://www.utaradio.com

by Sean Noell

Journalist Rebecca Aguilar SPJ Lecture

UTA’s Society of Professional Journalists hosted a lecture with a very special guest: Emmy award-winning journalist Rebecca Aguilar.  The former Fox-KDFW reporter has gone on to become a freelance reporter, blogger, consultant and public speaker.  She shared her 30 years of broadcast experience with over 70 students (from both UTA and SMU) in UTA’s Fine Arts building.   Aguilar offered advice on the best sites to use for social media, the importance in networking and getting mentors, and having passion and purpose.  Visit SPJ-UTA’s website: “SPJ University of Texas at Arlington Chapter” on Facebook and Rebecca Aguilar’ website: latinocommunicators.wordpress.com.

By:  Christine Nicholson