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Locations In Arlington Pt.1 Levitt Pavilion

Arlington is a beautiful town located in between Dallas and Fort Worth but  with so many attractions within the Arlington are, there is no reason to ever travel much far. One of those locations is new Levitt Pavilion near the University of Texas at Arlington. Many students have only heard of this place or driven past it on their way home or to class but a fun and exiting place is always worth finding.

By: Daniel Ruiz

Remember The Heroes: John McGee

While it’s a fair assumption that when people think about WWII, only the war in Europe against Hitler and the Nazis comes to mind. People forget that many lives were lost out to the sea, in the Pacific when our troops were also fighting Japan. John McGee was one of those soldiers who was drafted and fought for the freedoms that many of us take for granted now a days. That was his war and  this is his story.

By: Daniel Ruiz and Juan Balderrama

International Week Closing Ceremony

The 35th International Week came to an end  friday april 6th with and amazing closing ceremony. The nights events had students from different parts of the world demonstrating some of their cultures signature styles;from dancing, singing and even some story telling. This was a night to remember and one that can will be on students minds for many weeks to come.

By: Daniel Ruiz

Millionaire Larry Kemp UTA Speech

On March 29th students were given the opportunity to listen to a current millionaire/UTA alumni. During his speech he gave students information about his background, his struggles and accomplishments. Listening to his lecture gave students many thoughts about their own ideas on how they would too someday be millionaires. It was a very repeated advice Mr. Kemp kept approaching and that is that you will always be able to outwork the competition  and reach the goal.

By: Daniel Ruiz

Engineers Carnival

The UTA Engineers Week came to an end last friday, with a Carnival to end the weeks events.During the carnival students were able to participate in a variety of different activities. From an obstacle course, to a bungee run and even able to win prizes and point miniature model statues. When adding food and drinks to the event, it really became what is known as a Carnival. The highlight of the day was  the obstacle course , that reminded students of the hard work that college brings and the satisfaction when it’s completed.

By:Daniel Ruiz

Speed Networking

The University Center held another event this past Thursday, to help out students prepare for the next weeks Job Fair. Speed Networking  is one of the last events during  February’s career month.  During the event students were able to meet with professionals to discuss and learn new and better ways in which to interact with business leaders. The main focus of the meeting was to create a 30 second commercial that describes everything a corporation would need to know about the subject within a 30 second pitch. All that is left is for these techniques  to be put to use during the Job Fair on Wednesday.

By: Daniel Ruiz