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Politically Challenged: UTA Edition

A few weeks ago a reporter at Texas Tech University asked students basic political questions about the United States, and got troubling answers. Would UTA students have the same amount of trouble as students out in Lubbock? See for yourself.

By: Derek Kaufman

Net Neutrality Gains Presidential Support

Net neutrality is defined as the principle that internet service providers should allow access to all websites and content regardless of the source, without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. Essentially, if the internet is deemed as not a public utility, ISP’s can and will be able to charge you for different websites and content you view on the internet. In a speech given by the President last week, Obama urged the FCC to keep the internet open and free. While the internet has been neutral from its creation, and at this point in time still is, the White House also stated that an open internet is not only essential to the American economy, but increasingly to our very way of life. A new study, published by Rasmussen Reports in November of 2014, showed that 61% of Americans are against government regulation of the internet, and believe it should remain open without regulation and censorship.

By: Derek Kaufman

Lady Movin’ Mavs Push Forward

The Lady Movin’ Mavs matched up against two different wheelchair basketball teams from the DFW area Saturday in exhibition matches. Playing agaisnt the Dallas Jr’s as well as the DFW Freewheelers, who are both made up of mostly male athletes, the Lady Movin’ Mavs set out to gain game experience that will help them in collegiate matches. Out of the three games, the Lady Movin’ Mavs took one from the Dallas Jr’s by a score of 50 to 39, but dropped two to the DFW Freewheelers. Going into the half, the Lady Mavs were tied with the Freewheelers at 26, but unfortunately couldn’t hold on in the second half. Week by week the Mavs look to continue improving, and with a team of mostly freshmen, have the time and talent to do just that.

By: Derek Kaufman

Main Street Arts Festival

The Main Street Arts Festival in downtown Ft. Worth is famous for its annual showing.  From craft beers and wine, arts and crafts, and live music, thousands of people came to share in the spirit of the festival.  As a main sponsor of the event, UT Arlington not only had a presence on the main stage, but also in the festivities as well.  As well as being great for wearing out the kids, the festival also showcased many artists from around the nation, as well as the D/FW area itself.

By:  Derek Kaufman


UTA Ice Hockey Returns

It’s an exciting time for club sports at UTA as UTA Ice Hockey is returning to the university after the team disbanded in 2011.  In their first scrimmage back, UTA faced off against SMU in what might be the beginning of a new in town rivalry.  While the Mavs unfortunately fell to the Mustangs 9-4 in their first scrimmage in over three years, many members of the team say that they are looking forward to growing as a group and playing in the American Collegiate Hockey Association as a Division 2 team.  Official games will not begin until the Fall semester.

By:  Derek Kaufman

Softball Team Bringing Alumni Together

While many students don’t always keep close ties with their classmates after college, the Army Ants softball team is not only comprised of current students of UTA, but also alumni as well.  Playing every Monday evening at the Harold Patterson Sports Complex, the Army Ants have come together as a team that is prolonging and creating friendships that have strong ties to UTA.  While the Army Ants are self admittedly not the greatest softball team in the world, many of the players feel that keeping in touch with their old and new friends from UTA is what makes the team experience all the better.

By: Derek Kaufman

St. Patricks Day at UTA

It is St. Patrick’s Day and the UTA community is celebrating this special Irish celebration. On campus, students are not only excited for the holiday with wearing green, but they also remember the History of its humble beginning. Students who wore green also had a chance to save at least 10% at the four College Park restaurants: Smiling Moose Deli, Pie Five, Coolberry’s Yogurt, and Blaze’s Sports Grill.
By:  Derek Kaufman and Debrandon Pruitt

UTA’s Subreddit


As a large university, UTA has a presence online for nearly every major in every discipline. While many students aren’t typically brought together online in the same forum, a few UTA students are trying to change that. As ‘The front page of the internet’, Reddit.com offers one of the largest free online forums in the world. With millions of users and over 5,400 subreddits, /r/UTArlington is a new subreddit created by UTA students, for UTA students. As the subreddit continues to grow, so does the content and information which traditionally would not be available on university websites.   Join the experience at http://www.reddit.com/r/utarlington/

By: Derek Kaufman

Olympic Fever

The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia began late last week and have since captured the attention of the entire world.  With 88 nations being represented and over 2,800 athletes taking part in the Olympics, many students are looking forward to watching the games.  With women’s ice hockey already underway in Sochi, men’s hockey will begin on Wednesday.  While the international rivalry between the United States and Canada is stronger than ever, Russia will not only be a team to watch out for on their home soil, but also one that the US will have to beat to move forward in the competition.


By: Derek Kaufman