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2014 Student Elections

Student election results are pending but the excitement behind the 2014, campaign is confirmed!!! With positions on the ballot ranging from UTA Ambassador, to Homecoming King and Queen, nominee’s  campaigned up to the last minute to earn students vote.

Held on Election Tuesday, UT Arlington’s day at the polls served as a microcosm to the national day of decision. Student Affairs officials hope is that Mavericks not only become active in campus policy but use the opportunity as a springboard to particpate in social event that shape our local, state, and national community.  


By: Tony Curtis Hughes

Movin’ Mavs vs. Alabama

The Movin’ Mavs and Lady Movin’ Mavs wheelchair basketball teams started their season this past Friday on Halloween by taking on the University of Alabama. Both the Movin’ Mavs and the Lady Movin’ Mavs played in two contests at College Park Center. The Lady Movin’ Mavs played in their first games since the team was founded earlier in 2014, and through some visible nerves the team struggled to gain momentum against the Crimson Tide as they dropped both contests by double digits in regulation. On the brighter side of the weekend, the men’s Movin’ Mavs came out where they left off at the end of last year and dominated play through both games against Alabama, winning their first tilt by a score of 70-47, and also their second by a margin of 44 points. With high expectations this year of bringing a national championship to UTA, the Movin’ Mavs look to get back on track before they host their next home tournament on November 8th and 9th.

By: Derek Kaufman


UTA’s Counseling and Psychological services or UTA CAPS for short paired up with a senior Public Relations Campaigns class to raise awareness of it services to students on campus. The event had activities to relieve stress such as throwing balloons filled with paint and a dunking tank as well as freebies such as popcorn, SuperChix and wristbands for those students that completed a survey on how they cope with stress. However, the main goal was to raise awareness of counseling services for students who may need help but are afraid to reach out or simply don’t know how. Some of the services include: career counseling, group counseling, meditation, and psychological screenings. If you or someone you know are seeking help visit uta.edu/caps for more information on these programs.

-Laura Robertson

Movin’ Mavs 2014-15 Expectations

The UTA Movin Mavs wheelchair basketball team has a history littered with national championships. However, while the team has lived up to its high standards the past few years, the Movin’ Mavs have failed to bring home a trophy despite being the number one seed in the regular season and also playing in the national championship game in two consecutive seasons. While the Movin’ Mavs seem ready for another season of basketball, only time will tell if all of their hard work over the summer will bring them back to a national championship final.

By: Derek Kaufman

Blaze mascot performers remain a mystery

Blaze replaced Sam Maverick as UTA’s mascot seven years ago. The mascots are considered one of UTA’s spirit groups, along with the cheerleaders and the Wranglers. In order to become Blaze, students must go through a tryout process to ensure they can walk and act in accordance with his persona. As compensation for working events on campus and in the community, Blaze performers receive a scholarship at the end of the semester.

by Raegan Cardwell

I-Week Food Fair

UTA celebrated 37 years of International Week and like every year the Food Fair was one of the most popular events. The Food Fair has grown over the years and around 20 organizations were involved this year from the German Club to the Hispanic Society and more. International Program Coordiantor, Ariella Chi says, “It takes almost a full semester to prepare for the full International Week and the food fair is always a great turn out.” The International Student Organization love having all the organizations involved selling their food and sharing their cuisine with the campus and the community.

By: Rosa Ramirez

Safe Haven Drive

RVSP, relationship violence and sexual assult prevention, is a program on campus that educates students on domestic violence relationships. RVSP does many different events that provide awarness and support, especially during domestic violence awareness month. Safe Haven is a drive the program does for a local battered womens shelter in the community, during the drive RVSP takes donations for victims to get back on their feet. RVSP hopes this event will show students the impact their donations can make during this month. The drive lasted for three days, but there are always ways to donate to this shelter. RVSP will be hosting more events this month, and the next two events they have scheduled are chalk it up and the clothesline project.
By: Breanna Fields

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is a leading deadly disease in women and men of all ages; it is important for students of UTA to gain knowledge about this disease. The health service center and Susan G Komen set up different booths in the UC to provide students and staff information about Breast Cancer Awareness month. The booths had models of women and mens breast with different lumps, to give students an idea of what to look for when doing a self examination. Susan G Komen gave facts and information on men and women of all ages, statistics of the disease along with helpful handouts for students and staff to take the correct steps on how to get screened. Nutrition was something that was encouraged because having healthy nutrition will help individuals build their immune systems and have a more stable body. Different prizes were given as tokens of appreciation for those who attended the event as well as different healthy foods.

By: Breanna Fields

Tail Waggin Wednsday

Tail Waggin Wednsday is an event to help students cope with the pressures of school. These registered therapy dogs help students relieve their stress, and give them a few minutes to forget about school and visit with a cute pup.

The dogs will be visiting UTA the first Wednsday of every month, and will also come the week of finals for extra support for students.

Studies show every 1 and 5 students deals with stress, Paws with partners is the volunteer group that trains the dogs and helps them to calm students. Petting these dogs reduces stress within 5-24 minutes.

The dogs have been a great hit at UTA, with past semesters the success rate keeps growing and growing. If the student outcome keeps increasing, the dogs may make more than just the Wednsday apperance.

By Breanna Fields