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Lady Movin’ Mavs Push Forward

The Lady Movin’ Mavs matched up against two different wheelchair basketball teams from the DFW area Saturday in exhibition matches. Playing agaisnt the Dallas Jr’s as well as the DFW Freewheelers, who are both made up of mostly male athletes, the Lady Movin’ Mavs set out to gain game experience that will help them in collegiate matches. Out of the three games, the Lady Movin’ Mavs took one from the Dallas Jr’s by a score of 50 to 39, but dropped two to the DFW Freewheelers. Going into the half, the Lady Mavs were tied with the Freewheelers at 26, but unfortunately couldn’t hold on in the second half. Week by week the Mavs look to continue improving, and with a team of mostly freshmen, have the time and talent to do just that.

By: Derek Kaufman

Movin’ Mavs vs. Alabama

The Movin’ Mavs and Lady Movin’ Mavs wheelchair basketball teams started their season this past Friday on Halloween by taking on the University of Alabama. Both the Movin’ Mavs and the Lady Movin’ Mavs played in two contests at College Park Center. The Lady Movin’ Mavs played in their first games since the team was founded earlier in 2014, and through some visible nerves the team struggled to gain momentum against the Crimson Tide as they dropped both contests by double digits in regulation. On the brighter side of the weekend, the men’s Movin’ Mavs came out where they left off at the end of last year and dominated play through both games against Alabama, winning their first tilt by a score of 70-47, and also their second by a margin of 44 points. With high expectations this year of bringing a national championship to UTA, the Movin’ Mavs look to get back on track before they host their next home tournament on November 8th and 9th.

By: Derek Kaufman

Movin’ Mavs 2014-15 Expectations

The UTA Movin Mavs wheelchair basketball team has a history littered with national championships. However, while the team has lived up to its high standards the past few years, the Movin’ Mavs have failed to bring home a trophy despite being the number one seed in the regular season and also playing in the national championship game in two consecutive seasons. While the Movin’ Mavs seem ready for another season of basketball, only time will tell if all of their hard work over the summer will bring them back to a national championship final.

By: Derek Kaufman


Every semester the UT Arlington library hosts an art exhibit for the UTA community. The exhibit opened on February 20th with a reception on the first floor. Students could grab refreshments as they enjoy the art and meet the artists. Some of the artists see this more like a hobby. This semester the exhibit is open untill May 5th and runs through exam week. Anyone with talent is welcome to be part of it, applicatinons are available online and at the library for anyone intrested in paprticipating in next semesters art showcase.

By: Jimena Fraga

Movin Mavs!

Jorge Sanchez is a senior at UTA and a team member of the Movin Mavs, the team is designed to be exactly like basketball except they are in wheel chairs. Sanchez has been apart of this team for four years, and has been a captain for two. His passion started with baseball, but as he soon developed cancer his dreams were put on hold. He didn’t think there was a way to over come this devastation, but as he learned about his alternative options he was back in the the grove. Basketball slowly became something he could see himself doing, and as he explored his options he was hooked. With getting use to thing, especially adding a wheel chair in the mix, Jorge was able to get the hang of wheel chair basketball. After graduation, Jorge wants to see himself playing for the wheel chair basketball league and keep on inspiring people to never give up on anything.

By:Breanna Fields

Global Grounds 2013

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to taste different food and drinks from other parts of the world? Well you have a chance to do so; Global Grounds is hosted every other Thursday out of the month by different student organizations. This week, it was hosted by the UTA Woman’s Soccer team. Soccer player Estefania Lua says that, she has been wanting to do this to spread the word that UTA does in fact have a soccer team, not many people know about. Also Global Grounds is a great place to come and meet new people, especially international UTA students!

By: Victoria Reyes