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Practice Rooms Pose Problems

As enrollment in the Department of Music rise, the number of practice rooms available in the Fine Arts Building South Section are limited. Music education and performance students say this affects their practice time, when at least two hours are required every day.

Emily Long, music performance graduate student attended the Sept. 26 Student Senate meeting to express her thoughts in regard to this issue during an open forum, where students not involved in the organization can voice their concerns for campus life. She plans to work closely with members of the senate to find a possible solution.

— Nick Tarrant


Hispanic heritage month, is a time for cultures to come together, to create an experience for students to learn about Spanish cultures. Multicultural affairs hosts many different events during this month of september 15- october 15 to embrace and educate students of UTA. These different events help the campus come together for students to make new friends and celebrate the wide spread diversity on campus. On Wednesday Oct 25, Multicultural affairs hosted Carnival, a street jam with free admission and tons of giveaways. There were stilt walkers, live entertainment, a DJ, costume characters and lots of games and interactive booths. One thing that they brought back from previous years was the team competitions, each team was made of 6 UTA students. The competitions included soul train dance line, obstacle course and a fan favorite musical chairs. There is a full line up of all events hosted by Multicultural affairs online.

The next event hosted will be Tuesday, Oct. 7
The Dream is Now Documentary Screening
6-8 p.m., UC Rosebud Theater

By: Breanna Fields

Alec Palacios Profile

UTA Student, Alec Palacios is a person to watch out for. At a young age he grabbed his guitar and started playing his own music. In middle school he met his bandmate Zack, who now resides in Austin, and from there “Second Times Better” was born. To listen to recent audio tracks, you can check them out on their Facebook page by searching “Second Times Better”.

UTA Radio Kicks Off Rocktober


Last Tuesday kicked off the beginning of Rocktober, but also brought awareness to National College Radio day.  For those that couldn’t attend, the event was streamed live through UTA Radio.  Hosted in front of the University Center, Sammie Zonana played a set for spectators, while also handing out copies of her CD.  Sammie was voted UTA’s Most Talented Maverick 2012.  Check out a new band every week in front of the University Center. For more information visit UTAradio.com to see what bands will be playing every week!

By: Ashley Limvorratre

The Teq Room on UTA Radio

UTA Radio’s Saturday Music Lineup showcases the talent of Akilah Phillips, better known as D.J. Teq. Since her childhood Akilah, has played with instruments and has always felt music has put her in a good mood. Now, DJ Teq, wants to connect to people through music on UTARADIO.com her show is called The Teq Room. While D.J. Teq does play mainstream bands like, Nirvana and Cold Play, The Teq Room also helps promote and play local bands. D.J. Teq’s music format consists of Indie Rock, so you get more music and less talk; Saturday’s  from 10 to noon on UTARADIO.com

By: Joanna Molinero

UTA Radio Fall 2012 semester

UTA Radio is off and running this semester after a very busy summer. The station just recently joined the iHeart Radio program and also is streaming live over Ustream.tv. Recently UTA radio began a new year of radio shows with everything from news and sports to hip-hop and techno. October will be a busy month for UTA radio as they have events such as “Rocktober” where they will feature a live band every Tuesday in the month of October. They will also be hosting College Radio Day this year on October 2nd. Lots of exciting things coming from UTA Radio this semester so be sure to check them out! http://www.utaradio.com

by Sean Noell

Hip Hop Hits Campus


On Monday March 5th, Mulircultural Affairs featured hip hop journalist and author Jeff Chang as part of their fifth annual diversity lecture series. Jeff chang took the audience from the cultural opressions of New York  that created hip hop to artists that make hip hop what it is today. You can explore hip hop further on Jeff Chang’s website cantstopwontstop.com


By: Jazmyn Washington

The Festival at the Park

Homecoming was this past weekend and The Festival at the Park was a fun event. There was food trucks to suit all kinds of tastes. Food booths also had tasty treats and good food. A stiff breeze didn’t discourage  people in trying games. You can also buy merchandise to keep yourselves warm. Music was provided by Big D and kept everyone moving. One of the most popular booths was the caricature drawings. The other popular booth was the wax hands impressions. Everybody was waiting for the parade and the men’s basketball games later that night.

By: Alonzo Mancha