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E. H. Hereford Investigative Report

Resolution 18-18 calls for the renaming of the E.H. Hereford University Center and removal of the namesakes’ statue. Last Wednesday organization president Mark Napieralski and the Progressive Student Union staged a protest around Hereford’s statue and invited students to sign their petition. Napieralski has brought forth allegations that former President Hereford fostered the creation of racially intolerant themes at the university. These allegations include allowing the KKK to be on campus and changing the school’s mascot to become the Rebels. UTA News’ own investigative reporter Mason Brighton looked into these allegations and here is what he found.


  • Mason Brighton

UTA CrossFitters


Staying fit is important. Most UTA students interested in fitness seek work out options at the Maverick Activities Center. With many classes offered, most students find exactly what they are looking for. But, some are looking for more. CrossFit is an emerging sport with fitness as the main goal. Each year the winners of the CrossFit Games are awarded the titles of “Fittest Man” and “Fittest Woman” alive. The sport has rules and regulations and its coaches must have certifications.  Some of UTA’s own have found a passion for CrossFit and a gym just five minutes from campus.


Reachelle Spieker

Chill Out with Parent Mavericks

Students who are also parents face unique challenges while in college. Getting student parents connected with resources on campus and building social support was the focus of the Chill Out with Parent Mavericks event. During the event, students were able to get a chair massage and speak with representatives from various departments like Financial Aid and Health Services. This was the first event for the Parent Mavericks program. The program was created after receiving funding through an initiative last semester. The group plans to host more events for student parents where they can also bring their children with them as well.

UTA’s Subreddit


As a large university, UTA has a presence online for nearly every major in every discipline. While many students aren’t typically brought together online in the same forum, a few UTA students are trying to change that. As ‘The front page of the internet’, Reddit.com offers one of the largest free online forums in the world. With millions of users and over 5,400 subreddits, /r/UTArlington is a new subreddit created by UTA students, for UTA students. As the subreddit continues to grow, so does the content and information which traditionally would not be available on university websites.   Join the experience at http://www.reddit.com/r/utarlington/

By: Derek Kaufman

Arlington prescription discount card

The city of Arlington is now providing residents with a prescription discount card. Those with or without insurance are able to use it to save up to 20% on the retail price of prescription drugs. The card is free and available to be picked up at locations around Arlington. Such locations include City Hall, Mission Arlington and the Arlington public library which is where I joined UTA student Amanda Key to find out more information. Receiving the card is simple, no information is required. Just grab it and go. Discounts are available at participating pharmacies such as Walgreen’s and CVS.

By Laura Robertson


This story covers the University of Texas at Arlington Research Institution and how they are the fist north Texas school to receive permission from Federal Aviation Administration to do research on unmanned systems. The unmanned systems are to be used for agricultural purposes, and allows undergrad students to participate in UTARI’s research. The unmanned systems are made from parts from your local electronic store and can also be used with applications on your cell phone. I was able to interview Electronic Engineer Chaitanya Rani and Research Scientist Matthew Middleton. Engineers are looking to technology to explore the world in a new way.

By: Estevan Saenz

Safe Haven Drive

RVSP, relationship violence and sexual assult prevention, is a program on campus that educates students on domestic violence relationships. RVSP does many different events that provide awarness and support, especially during domestic violence awareness month. Safe Haven is a drive the program does for a local battered womens shelter in the community, during the drive RVSP takes donations for victims to get back on their feet. RVSP hopes this event will show students the impact their donations can make during this month. The drive lasted for three days, but there are always ways to donate to this shelter. RVSP will be hosting more events this month, and the next two events they have scheduled are chalk it up and the clothesline project.
By: Breanna Fields

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is a leading deadly disease in women and men of all ages; it is important for students of UTA to gain knowledge about this disease. The health service center and Susan G Komen set up different booths in the UC to provide students and staff information about Breast Cancer Awareness month. The booths had models of women and mens breast with different lumps, to give students an idea of what to look for when doing a self examination. Susan G Komen gave facts and information on men and women of all ages, statistics of the disease along with helpful handouts for students and staff to take the correct steps on how to get screened. Nutrition was something that was encouraged because having healthy nutrition will help individuals build their immune systems and have a more stable body. Different prizes were given as tokens of appreciation for those who attended the event as well as different healthy foods.

By: Breanna Fields

Tail Waggin Wednsday

Tail Waggin Wednsday is an event to help students cope with the pressures of school. These registered therapy dogs help students relieve their stress, and give them a few minutes to forget about school and visit with a cute pup.

The dogs will be visiting UTA the first Wednsday of every month, and will also come the week of finals for extra support for students.

Studies show every 1 and 5 students deals with stress, Paws with partners is the volunteer group that trains the dogs and helps them to calm students. Petting these dogs reduces stress within 5-24 minutes.

The dogs have been a great hit at UTA, with past semesters the success rate keeps growing and growing. If the student outcome keeps increasing, the dogs may make more than just the Wednsday apperance.

By Breanna Fields