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Net Neutrality Gains Presidential Support

Net neutrality is defined as the principle that internet service providers should allow access to all websites and content regardless of the source, without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. Essentially, if the internet is deemed as not a public utility, ISP’s can and will be able to charge you for different websites and content you view on the internet. In a speech given by the President last week, Obama urged the FCC to keep the internet open and free. While the internet has been neutral from its creation, and at this point in time still is, the White House also stated that an open internet is not only essential to the American economy, but increasingly to our very way of life. A new study, published by Rasmussen Reports in November of 2014, showed that 61% of Americans are against government regulation of the internet, and believe it should remain open without regulation and censorship.

By: Derek Kaufman

President Obama’s Texas Visit

President Obama and the First Lady visited Dallas and Central Texas earlier this past week. The President arrived in Dallas on Wednesday April 24th and visited the dedication to the George W Bush Center at SMU the following day. He was among 4 other presidents in attendance; Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. The President also travelled to Waco to attend the memorial of victims of the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion that killed 14. This was the second time the President has visited the Dallas area and the first since his re-election.
By: Annabelle Hernandez