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E. H. Hereford Investigative Report

Resolution 18-18 calls for the renaming of the E.H. Hereford University Center and removal of the namesakes’ statue. Last Wednesday organization president Mark Napieralski and the Progressive Student Union staged a protest around Hereford’s statue and invited students to sign their petition. Napieralski has brought forth allegations that former President Hereford fostered the creation of racially intolerant themes at the university. These allegations include allowing the KKK to be on campus and changing the school’s mascot to become the Rebels. UTA News’ own investigative reporter Mason Brighton looked into these allegations and here is what he found.


  • Mason Brighton


This story covers the University of Texas at Arlington Research Institution and how they are the fist north Texas school to receive permission from Federal Aviation Administration to do research on unmanned systems. The unmanned systems are to be used for agricultural purposes, and allows undergrad students to participate in UTARI’s research. The unmanned systems are made from parts from your local electronic store and can also be used with applications on your cell phone. I was able to interview Electronic Engineer Chaitanya Rani and Research Scientist Matthew Middleton. Engineers are looking to technology to explore the world in a new way.

By: Estevan Saenz

RISE (Social Work Research)

RISE, which stands for Reaching Independence through Self Empowerment, is a research program that research assistant, Annika Michelle Campbell, is currently working on. The evaluation of the RISE program is funded through Innovative Community and Academic Partnerships( ICAP) in which UTA SSW is the academic partner that collaborates with community agencies. This study focuses on sex trafficked victims who have been arrested repeatedly for prostitution. According to ICAP’s proposal, This program was designed to “help women escape the life of commercial sexual exploitation by providing them with substance abuse treatment, mental health counseling, stable housing, assisting them with job placement, and offering educational opportunities to obtain a reputable career that will provide them with sustainable income.” The purpose of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the RISE Program.


Inorganic Chemistry Research

There’s more than meets the eye to the Baker Chemistry Research Building.  The inorganic chemistry lab, home to researchers Steven Poteet and Kenneth Abayen,  is the staging ground for work and study that extends far beyond just the UTA campus.  Studies in DNA’s reaction to light, the photochemical conversion of carbon dioxide and methanol, as well as the continuation of chemical education research are but a few of the important projects that take place here.


By: Carl Ellis