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Practice Rooms Pose Problems

As enrollment in the Department of Music rise, the number of practice rooms available in the Fine Arts Building South Section are limited. Music education and performance students say this affects their practice time, when at least two hours are required every day.

Emily Long, music performance graduate student attended the Sept. 26 Student Senate meeting to express her thoughts in regard to this issue during an open forum, where students not involved in the organization can voice their concerns for campus life. She plans to work closely with members of the senate to find a possible solution.

— Nick Tarrant

New UTA Blvd. Traffic Light


A new traffic light system is installed on UTA Blvd. in between Lot 36 and the Engineering Research Building, with the help from a partnership between the City of Arlington and UTA. The system is similar to one installed on W. Abram St. by The Arlie, and will direct drivers while giving pedestrians guidance to cross. The lights will be in full use once power is restored to the system by Oncor Electric.

Students give their opinions about the system and how it will change the way they travel on the north side of campus.

— Nick Tarrant

UTA Spirit Week

It is Spirit Week on campus at the University of Texas at Arlington.  According to the host, UTA Ambassadors, “It is a celebration of all things Maverick”.  Spirit Week is a week long celebration of events.  It is where students can attend and participate in showing school pride.  They can test their knowledge of school traditions and history.  Plus, if a student is part of an organization, the organization can receive points and win prizes for having the most points.  UTA Ambassador and organizer, Razeena Moosa, explains about Spirit Week and all events taking place this week.

Harold Rogers

International Fall Food Fair

The sights and smells of food filled the air on campus at UTA.  Students gathered to dine on various foods at the International Fall Food Fair.  It was held at the University Center Mall.  Different student cultural organizations participated to help raise funds for their groups.  Students and faculty wandered through the UC Mall deciding which foreign cuisine to try.  Some food included Korean, Russian and Vietnamese at this year’s event.  The International Food Fair was part of the International Education Week and hosted by the Office of International Education and International Student Organization.

Harold Rogers

Tail Waggin Wednsday

Tail Waggin Wednsday is an event to help students cope with the pressures of school. These registered therapy dogs help students relieve their stress, and give them a few minutes to forget about school and visit with a cute pup.

The dogs will be visiting UTA the first Wednsday of every month, and will also come the week of finals for extra support for students.

Studies show every 1 and 5 students deals with stress, Paws with partners is the volunteer group that trains the dogs and helps them to calm students. Petting these dogs reduces stress within 5-24 minutes.

The dogs have been a great hit at UTA, with past semesters the success rate keeps growing and growing. If the student outcome keeps increasing, the dogs may make more than just the Wednsday apperance.

By Breanna Fields

Grade Exclusion

If you received a bad grade and you don’t want it to affect your GPA. The Grade Exclusion can help you. The first thing to do is to meet with your Adviser next if you received financial aid, is to visit the Financial Aid Office,located in Davis Hall. Then you go online to UTA.EDU and search for the Grade Exclusion form. An acknowledgement page comes up first, review and proceed. The last step is to complete the exclusion form and submit . The office will review the request and will answer in ten business days. Remember the approval may not be guaranteed so make sure to see your Adviser for more information and you have until March 30, 2012 to submit.

By: Alonzo Mancha