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2014 Student Elections

Student election results are pending but the excitement behind the 2014, campaign is confirmed!!! With positions on the ballot ranging from UTA Ambassador, to Homecoming King and Queen, nominee’s  campaigned up to the last minute to earn students vote.

Held on Election Tuesday, UT Arlington’s day at the polls served as a microcosm to the national day of decision. Student Affairs officials hope is that Mavericks not only become active in campus policy but use the opportunity as a springboard to particpate in social event that shape our local, state, and national community.  


By: Tony Curtis Hughes

Ebola stories spread misinformation

Last week, the second patient diagnosed with Ebola was transferred from Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas to a hospital in Maryland. According to the CDC, the outbreak in West Africa is the largest Ebola outbreak in history, but only three cases have been confirmed in the U.S. at this time. Despite this information, claims of widespread Ebola in the U.S. and “Ebola zombies” have flooded the internet. For more information about Ebola, visit the CDC’s Ebola information page and make sure to evaluate the credibility of online sources before trusting reports about the virus.

by Raegan Cardwell

Social Media

With social networks taking over the internet Dr. Sue; assistant professor of communication of technology, believes students have what he calls social media dependence. With easy access to social networks some students find it hard to focus on their studies. Besides personal use there is away to use social media to your advantage by networking to advance your careers for the long run. The next time you log onto one of your favorite social networkd remember to stay focus on what’s important.

By Madeline Amashta

UTA Graduate Creates Social Media App

UTA graduate student Tuan Nguyen is a software engineer who helped develop the social media app SNAIO ( Social Networking All In One). The app allows users to sync their social media profiles such as Facebook and Twittter. The app was created in 2010. In addition to the Social Media App, Tuan and his class are working on an app where the mobile phone user can create apps directly from their mobile devices without assistance from a computer.

By Brandon Gray

The Influence Social Medias have on Students

Social Medias have become a very big part of our lives over the past few years. With 1 in every 13 people on earth having a Facebook, to twitter activating 572,000 new accounts on a daily basis and even spending on average 25 minutes on YouTube. It has now been more aware than ever that we must watch the information we put in our social networks because as of late 2011 8% of companies have started firing employees for being on Facebook. So next time people you post something on a social network, know that it will be shared with the WORLD.

By: Daniel Ruiz